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From: Steve Unger[mailto:innkeeper(@lion] <br />Sent: Monday, April 01, 2019 11:40 AM <br />To: Siegel, Scot <> <br />Subject: Input to Lake Oswego City Council Meeting on April 22, 2019 <br />Monday, April 1, 2019 <br />Dear Scott, <br />My name is Steve Unger and, as you can see from the address below, I own and operate the <br />Lion and the Rose Bed & Breakfast in Portland, Oregon. After hosting over 30,000 guests over <br />16 years we plan to sell the bed and breakfast this summer and have rented an apartment at <br />Oswego Pointe. <br />Can you please submit this e-mail and attachment as input to the April 22, 2019 hearing, and <br />please confirm this submission <br />Since 20111 have worked with the City of Portland on revising (with partial success) the short- <br />term rental ordinance. <br />I have attached a 3-page exgubut that summarizes the results of my assessment over the last <br />8 years. <br />The most critical distinction is that The City needs to recognize the difference between hos- <br />resident "private room' short-term rentals where the host lives in the same unit as the guest <br />during the guest's stay to supervise the property and the guersts and host -absent "entire <br />place" rentals where there is no resident host to supervise the property and the guests. <br />• The City should explicitly encourage and support host -resident "private room" rentals <br />because they do all the good things that Airbnb talks about and do not irritate <br />neighbors. Also, politically, this defuses the Airbnb "private room" rental hosts who <br />normally flood public hearings. It should be easy an inexpensive for a Lake Oswego <br />property owner to rent out a limited number of rooms in their property provided they <br />(or perhaps a manager) live there in the same unit as the guest during the guest's stay. <br />• Host -absent "entire -place" rentals, when offered on an ongoing basis, need to be <br />regulated by a separate ordinance for "vacation rentals". Airbnb has created the new <br />travel category of "urban vacation rental" and now cities around the world are left to <br />figure out how to regulate them Vacation rentals have existed for decades in resort <br />areas and have been heavily regulated by their municipalities in a variety of ways <br />depeneding on their local needs. The Airbnb "entire place" hosts generally do not testify <br />at public hearings. <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-2/PAGE 1 OF 2 <br />