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From: Sharon Buckmaster[] <br />Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 9:47 PM <br />To: Simpson, Anne -Marie <> <br />Subject: STRs <br />Arm -Marie, <br />Attached is a note for the Planning Commission regarding STRs. I understand you are the <br />person who would circulate comments to the appropriate people. Thanks for your help. <br />Dear Sir/Madam, <br />As I will be out of town during the upcoming Planning Commission meeting regarding STRs, <br />I would like to be on the record regarding my support in general for the idea. I have used AIR <br />B&B all over the world and with rare exceptions, have found it to be among the best ways to <br />get to know people from another culture. There are people I still have contact with from <br />travels in Morocco and South Africa, which would never be the case if we had simply used <br />conventional hotels. <br />Having said that, I support some of the provisions that have been suggested but not others. The <br />120 day annual limit seems arbitrary at best. What would be the rationale for imposing this <br />limit? In my opinion, absent compelling information that suggests the need for that sort of <br />limit, there should be no restriction on the number of days permitted. Additionally, if there is <br />an ADU on the property, what is the rationale for forbidding their use? <br />I do agree that the homeowner should be on site between midnight and 6 AM which would <br />then preclude an entire home from being rented out. Although I have on occasion rented an <br />entire home for a retreat meeting with colleagues, I recognize the potential for abuse in that <br />situation. Given that Lake Oswego is primarily a residential community and not a resort area, I <br />think that item should not be part of the initial move to STRs, but might perhaps be revisited <br />in the future. <br />Thank you for permitting me to express my views on this matter. <br />Sincerely, <br />Dr. Sharon Buckmaster <br />Sharon Buckmaster, PhD <br />FutureWorks Consulting LLC <br />17 Morningview Circle <br />Lake Oswego, OR 97035 <br />cell: (503) 490-4216 <br />Listen to our leadership podcasts at <br />htip:// <br />Envisioning a world where everyone at every level of the organization can say, V love my work, -this is the best job <br />EVER!" <br />"Polemics are never persuasive, politicians rarely lead us anywhere, but storytellers can change the world..." <br />...Wade Davis, anthropologist, 2004 <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-3/PAGE 1 OF 1 <br />