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From: Ana Rose [mai1to:rosean123(] <br />Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2019 9:31 AM <br />To: Siegel, Scot <ssiegel(> <br />Subject: short term rental testimony <br />Hi Scot, <br />Thank you again for working on the Short Term Rentals project in Lake Oswego. <br />Altogether, I lived in Lake Oswego for almost 17 years and now I own a house which <br />has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. My son is now 19 and is in college. When I <br />purchased my house I was unaware that I will not be able to use my downstairs for <br />Airbnb rental space which I hoped will help me with supplementing my income. <br />Although I saved some money for my son's college, college expenses are very high <br />and I really hoped to use additional money from short term rentals to cover that extra <br />expense. <br />For the past several years I looked at different options how to rent my downstairs <br />space and it seems to me the short term rental is the only option for me. First, the <br />long term rental is very risky since I heard many stories when the renters stop paying <br />and it takes months to evict them in addition to legal expenses and paying for their <br />moving expenses. In case of the short term rental, I will not have such problem since <br />payments are collected by a third party and all visitors are prescreened. Second, <br />sometimes I have family and friends visiting me and I need the flexibility of the short <br />term rental option to have my extra bedrooms available for such occasions. Third, as <br />a single woman living in this house I like the option to be able to rent the room without <br />sharing my other living space (I have a separate entrance to my downstairs) which <br />would be not an option with a long term rental (I do not have a kitchen and laundry <br />downstairs). <br />I read and listen the discussions about short term rental on the City of Lake Oswego <br />website. I understand that there are concerns about safety, noise, parking and so on. <br />My house has plenty of parking available which will not interfere with my neighbors. <br />My house is on a large lot with big distance between houses so the potential noise <br />should not be a problem. <br />There are many benefits to the short term rental not only to the individuals like me but <br />also to the community bringing more tourists and visitors to support local businesses. <br />I really hope that the City of Lake Oswego will allow short term rentals in our city. <br />Thank you again for working on it. <br />Anastasia Rose <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-5/PAGE 1 OF 1 <br />