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EXHIBIT G-10 <br />LU 18-0034 <br />April 18, 2019 <br />Lake Oswego Planning Commission <br />Regarding: Short Term Rental Integration Into Lake Oswego, and 120 day limit <br />Dear Lake Oswego Planning Commission: <br />As I've testified before, I was born into the home on 908 Lake Front Road. When I was <br />11, my father sold it. Upon house hunting with my then fiancee, I came upon this home <br />and bought it, thus bringing the home back into the family. <br />I realized financial trouble about 2 years ago when my home became a single income <br />household. At this point, my 8 years of hotel management experience came into play. I <br />started renting out my extra bedroom and this has saved me from losing my house. <br />After a few years of doing this, I realized that I had become a super host which is no <br />easy task. It requires your home to be rated the best of the best and it also requires your <br />home to be up to date, have excellent reviews, and higher than a 90% 5 star rating from <br />visitors. <br />While adapting short term renting into our community, I would ask that the planning <br />commission not restrict the number of days that an individual may rent their room for. I <br />am an example of a host like many others, the highest demographic being elderly single <br />females renting out a second bedroom, that have found out the we are very good at <br />representing Lake Oswego as an ambassador of our great city and making an visitor's <br />stay more than enjoyable. We recommend local restaurants and make sure they are well <br />acquainted with our city and all it has to offer. <br />With rising property taxes and rising costs of living, a person like me and certainly the <br />other demographic I mentioned above rely on the extra income to make it by and <br />continue to live in this great city. With other home business not restricted to a number of <br />days in use, why restrict a business that is doing well and represents the spirit of the <br />community well by being a great host and ambassador? I submit that there be no <br />restriction on the number of days because if the business is running well, it will only <br />contribute towards the community, not take away from it. <br />As an example, I have rented to one of my neighbors on McVey, and I have been asked <br />by my next -door neighbor if she may rent my extra room for her children coming to town <br />this summer. I have also rented to my doctor's mother who was in Lake Oswego when <br />my doctor's house in Lake Oswego was being remodeled and didn't have a spare <br />bedroom. <br />The short term rental that I have not been using for more that 30 days for quite some time <br />now is in high demand by my own neighbors! I also have many previous renters that <br />have contacted me for a repeat visit and I have had to turn them down. I know they <br />would be in favor of allowing short term rentals in Lake Oswego because when in town <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-10/Page 1 of 3 <br />