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MARK P. ROCKWELL <br />13455 Knaus Road — Lake Oswego Oregon 97034 <br />April 18, 2019 <br />Planning Commission <br />CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br />380 A Avenue <br />Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 <br />RE: Draft Ordinance for Short Term Rentals - 120-Night Annual Limitation <br />Dear Planning Commissioners: <br />Thank you for all of the work that you have done as a Planning Commission, and the thorough <br />process that you have followed over the past year in evaluating short term rentals, and considering <br />alternative approaches that will work for Lake Oswego. <br />I support the approach the Commission has taken in (a) pursuing the "Social Model', (b) limiting <br />short term rentals to an owner's primary residence, and (c) requiring that STR's be licensed as a <br />"Home Occupation" and subject to the requirement that "the use does not alter the residential <br />character of the neighborhood nor infringe upon the right of residents in the vicinity to the peaceful <br />enjoyment of the neighborhood." <br />Limiting STR's to a homeowner's primary residence, requiring STR's to obtain a business license, <br />and adhere to standards applicable to a Home Occupation is an effective approach to insure that <br />STR's will be a positive addition to our community, both socially and economically. <br />With regard to LU 18-0034 (Ordinance 2815), 1 have serious concern with the proposed limitation <br />in (7) (b) " The number of guest stays on the lot shall not exceed 120 nights in a calendar year. " <br />All Home Occupations should be held to the very same standard: "the use does not alter the <br />residential character of the neighborhood nor infringe upon the right of residents in the vicinity to <br />the peaceful enjoyment of the neighborhood." <br />With this performance standard in place, there is no need to also limit the number of guest nights <br />per year. I can't imagine the City proposing to restrict the number of days that a piano teacher, <br />hair stylist, masseuse, attorney, accountant, engineer, (or a myriad of other home occupations), <br />could conduct business in their home if they are adhering to the provisions of their business <br />license, and they do not infringe upon the right of residents in the vicinity to the peaceful enjoyment <br />of the neighborhood" <br />The vast majority of hosts will not exceed 120 nights per year. Sixty nights per year is a more <br />typical host "average". However, the very best hosts and ambassadors for our community, (those <br />who provide great guest experiences and have frequent repeat guests), could easily exceed the <br />120 nights per year by a significant number, and for them any limitation on the number of nights <br />annually would be a hardship. This is particularly true for hosts who view STR's as the way to <br />make their homes affordable. <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-9/Page 1 of 4 <br />