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Christopher T. Wojda <br /> 18304 Tamaway Drive <br /> Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br /> April 18, 2019 <br /> RE: 120 Night Annual Limitation (Draft Ordinance for Short Term Rentals) <br /> Dear Planning Commissioners: <br /> While I am very pleased about several aspects of the Draft Ordinance for Short Term Rentals, <br /> thank you for your hard work, there are a few parts of the proposal that have me concerned. <br /> Before I get into that, please know, I am writing as a person who has had nothing but 100% <br /> positive experiences when traveling in the US with Airbnb, not as a former host who would like <br /> to regain my ability to host guests. <br /> 1) Limiting hosts to 120 nights per year is counter-productive and will be impossible to monitor. <br /> It is also discouraging to success-driven hosts and unnecessary. There are two sides to the <br /> affordable housing coin. 1) Homes that are affordable to get into and 2) homes that remain <br /> affordable to stay in. Limiting guests to 120 nights per year would punish people who are <br /> seeking a way to remain in Lake Oswego and consider STRs to be an opportunity for creating <br /> necessary income. I know this as someone who recently remodeled my childhood home to <br /> make sure my mother found aging-in-place at her home of 36 years in Lake Oswego both <br /> possible and wise. I also know this as someone who has met other families that have made <br /> STRs part of their financial strategy. <br /> Many of the hosts I have met in my travels over the past several years are considered "Super <br /> Hosts" by Airbnb. These people go above and beyond for their guests and are the greatest <br /> ambassadors of not only the Airbnb brand, but also of the cities in which they reside. Several of <br /> these Super Hosts have personally told me that their reason for going the extra mile for their <br /> guests (beyond the joy of hosting) is that the extra income from their STR make possible: <br /> - staying in their home as retirees <br /> - affording college for their children <br /> - saving for retirement <br /> And great reviews are the key to becoming and remaining a Super Host. Success should be <br /> encouraged, not discouraged. The fear that a space will become a revolving door for hosts who <br /> aren't home and are basically operating a cheap hotel can be controlled by other means. Again, <br /> success should not be discouraged. <br /> 2) I also want to make clear my support of Option 2 in the Definition of Terms (LOC 50.10.003 <br /> DEFINITIONS), listed on ATTACHMENT 2 (Ordinance 2815) LU 18-0034, dated 03/07/19. <br /> Discriminating against townhouse and condo owners who, like home-owners, may want to <br /> leverage running an STR to make life in Lake Oswego more affordable is intrusive. As with my <br /> LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-12/PAGE 1 OF 2 <br />