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April 19, 2019 <br /> Subject: City of Lake Oswego Proposed Short Term Rental Ordinance <br /> Dear Commission, Mayor and Council: <br /> is a local, non-profit trade association that advocates for hosts who welcome <br /> travelers into our homes. We wanted to be able to speak for ourselves, recognizing that cities <br /> often hear only from platforms such as Airbnb and HomeAway. We use those platforms, but our <br /> interests often differ. Our association fully supports STR hosts being permitted, paying <br /> occupancy taxes and meeting reasonable regulatory requirements. We provide continual <br /> educational opportunities to our members to enhance their hospitality skills, and to understand <br /> city requirements. We are proud to have a member serving on the Board of Travel Portland, <br /> which recognizes the value of short-term rentals in the overall mix of hospitality offerings. <br /> Short term rentals, if managed correctly, add value to the city by <br /> • offering exciting diversity in hospitality choices and prices; <br /> • creating city "ambassadors" in the form of hosts motivated to take the time to direct <br /> guests to the best the city has to offer; <br /> • allowing visitors to stay in the same neighborhood as their family members who may not <br /> have enough room in their house to accommodate them; <br /> • enabling older hosts to age in place, through the additional income from hosting, and <br /> younger hosts to augment their income. <br /> • contributing revenue to the city through occupancy taxes, and <br /> • strengthening small businesses in the neighborhoods <br /> • enhancing cultural bridges <br /> What does the phrase "if managed correctly" mean? The biggest hazard is the loss of long-term <br /> housing. Requiring the STR to be an owner's or renter's principal residence largely solves that <br /> issue. We have talked to many hosts regarding their STR space and if STR were not an option, <br /> would it otherwise be long-term housing? By far, the majority of situations show that the hosts <br /> either do not have the kitchen/bathroom facilities to accommodate long-term housing, or they <br /> desire to have their space available for visiting family or friends, and would not choose to use <br /> their space for long-term rental. <br /> We commend the City of Lake Oswego for the proposed ordinance allowing for STRs, as we <br /> believe it will add value to city as noted above. We offer the following suggestions as you <br /> deliberate the proposed ordinance. <br /> LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-13/PAGE 1 OF 2 <br />