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FAIR <br /> HOUSING <br /> �• COUNCIL <br /> OF OREGON <br /> April 22, 2019 <br /> City of Lake Oswego Planning Commission <br /> P.O. Box 369 <br /> 380 A Avenue <br /> Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br /> Re: Proposal to Amend City of Lake Oswego Community Development Code Chapter 50 <br /> (LU 18-0034, Ordinance 2815) <br /> Dear Commissioners: <br /> This letter is submitted jointly by Housing Land Advocates (HLA) and the Fair Housing Council <br /> of Oregon (FHCO). Both HLA and FHCO are non-profit organizations that advocate for land use <br /> policies and practices that ensure an adequate and appropriate supply of affordable housing for <br /> all Oregonians. FHCO's interests relate to a jurisdiction's obligation to affirmatively further fair <br /> housing. Please include these comments in the record for the above-referenced proposed <br /> amendment. <br /> As you know, all amendments to the City's Comprehensive Plan and Zoning map must comply <br /> with the Statewide Planning Goals. ORS 197.175(2)(a). When a decision is made affecting the <br /> residential land supply, the City must refer to its Housing Needs Analysis (HNA) and Buildable <br /> Land Inventory(BLI) in order to show that an adequate number of needed housing units (both <br /> housing type and affordability level)will be supported by the residential land supply after <br /> enactment of the proposed change. <br /> The staff report for the proposed amendments recommends approval of the code amendments for <br /> short term rentals. However, the report does not include findings for Statewide Goal 10, <br /> describing the effects of Short-Term Rental Lodging on the availability of needed housing. Goal <br /> 10 findings must demonstrate that the proposed changes to Chapter 50 do not leave the City with <br /> less than adequate residential land supplies in the types, locations, and affordability ranges <br /> affected. See Mulford v. Town of Lakeview, 36 Or LUBA 715, 731 (1999) (rezoning residential <br /> 1 <br /> LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-14/PAGE 1 OF 2 <br />