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airbnb Critical Distinctions for City Planners <br />Type 1: Private Room Rentals Type 2: Entire Place Rentals <br />The property is the Host's ./ <br />Primary Residence ./ x <br />Host resides in same unit as ./ x x guest during the guest's stay <br />What is it? • Host rents bedroom(s) in their • Accessory Dwelling Unit • Vacation Rental with no <br />primary residence and ~ (ADU) resident host <br />~resent during the guest's • Mother-in-law Apartment • Sometimes one host lists <br />stay to supervise the property • Host lives in one unit of a several properties <br />and the guest(s) duplex, triplex or quad <br />• Are really mini-B&Bs • Host rents while on vacation <br />Typical Rate per Night $50 to $90 per night $120 -$500+ per night $120 -$500+ per night <br />Typically 1 to 4 guests 1to8 guests 1 to 16 guests <br />May compete with Budget Hotels Compete with B&Bs and Hotels Cheaper than 2 or 3 rooms at hotel <br />Comments and Issues • Does all the good things • Appear as "Entire Place" • Affects some neighborhood <br />airbnb talks about e.g. keeps rental greatly and others not at all <br />people in their homes • Units usually have own • Commercial use of residential <br />• Great value for travelers entrance and working property <br />• May include kitchen privileges kitchen • Traffic, noise and parking <br />• Probably requires limits on • May convert long-term problems in residential zones <br />maximum number of guest rentals for local residents to • Irritated neighbors <br />rooms and guests short-term rentals for • airbnb Horror Stores <br />• airbnb floods public hearings tourists • Difficult to enforce annual <br />with Private Room rental limits on nightly rentals without <br />hosts help from airbnb <br />• Does not impact long-term • Converts long-term rentals for <br />housing except possibly for local residents to short-term <br />roommate rentals rentals for tourists <br />Strategy for City Planners • Cities should embrace, • Each City needs to determine • Cities need to regulate these as <br />encourage and support how important it is to limit Vacation Rentals <br />Private Room rentals with these types of short-term <br />resident host rentals <br />• Regulate as mini-B&Bs <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-15/PAGE 1 OF 1