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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE CITY COUNCIL <br />(Legislative - LOC <br />Hearing Date, Time, and Location: <br />Tuesday, June 4, 2019; 6:30 p.m. <br />City Council Chambers <br />380 A Avenue <br />Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br />File Numbers: LU 18-0034 (Ordinance 2815) <br />Applicant: City of Lake Oswego <br />Nature of Application and Proposed Legislative Amendments: <br />An ordinance amending Chapter 50 (Community Development Code) of the Lake Oswego Code for the <br />purpose of allowing transient lodging, specifically allowing a Short -Term Rental Lodging use in zones <br />where transient lodging (Hotels) are not currently allowed. The amendments also delete "Bed & <br />Breakfast" from Table 50.06.002-3. Proposed amendments are to the following sections: <br />• LOC 50.10.003 Definitions <br />• LOC 50.03.004 Accessory Structures and Uses <br />• LOC 50.03.002 Residential Districts Use Table <br />• Table 50.06.002-3 Parking <br />The proposed amendments would allow Short -Term Rentals (STRs) following a "Social Model," or <br />home -sharing, in conjunction with a residential use, akin to Home Occupation, where residents host <br />visitors in their homes for a fee. The City also proposes to allow exceptions to certain Home <br />Occupation regulations for STRs with Conditional Use Permit approval following a public hearing. The <br />amendments also delete "Bed & Breakfast" from Table 50.06.002-3. <br />On May 13, 2019, the Planning Commission will make a final recommendation to the City Council. <br />The record of the proceedings for LU 18-0034 can be found on the City's website at: <br /> <br />(Under "Search" enter LU 18-0034, then press "Enter") <br />Amendments would be implemented through the adoption of Ordinance 2815, which will be <br />considered at the public hearing. The title of the ordinance is as follows: <br />Ordinance 2815 <br />An Ordinance of the Lake Oswego City Council amending Chapter 50 (Community Development Code) <br />of the Lake Oswego Code to allow short-term rental lodging in zones where transient lodging (hotels) is <br />not currently allowed; deleting "Bed & Breakfast" from Parking Table 50.06.002-3; and adopting <br />findings (LU 18-0034). <br />City Council Notice LU 18-0034 Page 1 of 2 <br />05/09/2019 <br />