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From: Jason Murray <> <br />Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 10:41 PM <br />To: Siegel, Scot <br />Cc: Simpson, Anne -Marie; McCaleb, Iris <br />Subject: STR - Public Hearing Follow Up / Questions <br />Thanks to you and the rest of the planning commission for your <br />exploration and consideration of STR's in Lake Oswego. Please share this <br />letter with the rest of the planning commission. <br />Anne -Marie - Please share this letter with the City Council. <br />Based on your discussion after the public comment period last night, it <br />sounded like the commission was leaning towards the following <br />recommendations: <br />* The ordinance will be based on a Home Occupation and a license <br />requirement <br />* It will be limited to a primary residency <br />* The resident must be on the premises from mid -night until 6:00 a.m. <br />anytime there are guests on the property <br />* ADU's will be allowed, but not townhomes or apartment units <br />* The rentals will be limited to 120 days per year <br />* No whole home rentals <br />* A Conditional Use can be applied for to change any of the above, but <br />there a $5,800 fee and a rigorous public process to go through to satisfy a <br />Conditional Use <br />There are a few recommendations above that do not work for STR's or the <br />many folks who shared their positive perspectives last night. With a few <br />exceptions, the majority of those who spoke last night were in favor of <br />STR's with minimal to little oversight. <br />LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT G-16/PAGE 1 OF 4 <br />