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APPROVED: 05/13/2019 <br /> <br />City of Lake Oswego Planning Commission <br />Minutes of April 22, 2019 <br />Excerpt of LU 18-0034 EXHIBIT C-1/Page 1 of 9 <br /> <br /> <br />CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br />Planning Commission Minutes <br />EXCERPT – LU 18-0034 <br />April 22, 2019 <br /> 1 <br />1. CALL TO ORDER 2 <br />Chair Rob Heape called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 3 <br />380 A Avenue, Lake Oswego, Oregon. 4 <br /> 5 <br />2. ROLL CALL 6 <br />Members present were Chair Rob Heape, Vice Chair Bill Ward and Commissioners Skip Baker, 7 <br />Dave Beckett and Vickie Hansen. Commissioners Christian Papé and Leah Puhlman were 8 <br />excused. 9 <br /> 10 <br />Staff present were Scot Siegel, Director of Planning and Building Services; Bill Youngblood Senior 11 <br />Code Enforcement Specialist; Evan Boone, Deputy City Attorney; and Iris McCaleb, Administrative 12 <br />Assistant. 13 <br /> 14 7. PUBLIC HEARING 15 <br />Short-Term Rentals (LU 18-0034) 16 <br />A request from the City of Lake Oswego for amendments to the Community Development 17 <br />Code (Chapter 50) for the purpose of allowing transient lodging, specifically allowing a Short-18 <br />Term Rental (STR) Lodging use in zones where transient lodging (Hotels) were not currently 19 <br />allowed. The amendments also delete “Bed & Breakfast” from Table 50.06.002-3. Staff 20 <br />coordinator was Scot Siegel, Director of Planning and Building Services. 21 <br /> 22 <br />Chair Heape opened the public hearing. Mr. Boone, Deputy City Attorney, outlined the 23 <br />applicable criteria and procedures. All Commissioners present declared they had no financial 24 <br />conflict of interest. Chair Heape stated he owned stock in Marriott Corp. and had real estate 25 <br />interests in Wyndham and Marriott (short-term transient lodging providers), but it was not a 26 <br />direct conflict. No one challenged any Commissioner’s right to consider the application. 27 <br /> 28 <br />Staff Report 29 <br />Scot Siegel, Director of Planning and Building Services, provided a brief presentation 30 <br />summarizing the research and outreach conducted by staff. He identified eight key issues for 31 <br />the Commission to consider (page numbers refer to Attachment 2 of Ordinance): 32 <br />1. SF lots only – house or ADU – or other dwellings too? (p. 1) 33 <br />2. Could the “resident” be on site during the period of the STR rental, but have a primary 34 <br />residence elsewhere? (p. 1) 35 <br />3. Limit to “120 guest stays” – not guest-nights? (p. 6) 36 <br />4. Limit number of bedrooms, and 6 guests max? (p. 6) 37 <br />5. Hours primary resident must be “on the premises”? (p. 6) 38 <br />6. Parking: 1 space/2 bedrooms rented, plus dwelling space? 39 <br /> 40 <br />EXHIBIT C-1 <br />LU 18-0034