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Planning Commission Public Hearing EXHIBIT D-1/PAGE 1 OF 9 LU 18-0034 <br />April 22, 2019 <br />STAFF REPORT <br />CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br />PLANNING AND BUILDING SERVICES DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />APPLICANT <br />City of Lake Oswego <br />FILE NO. <br />LU 18-0034, Ordinance 2815 <br /> <br />LOCATION <br />Citywide <br />STAFF <br />Scot Siegel, AICP, Planning and Building Director <br /> <br />DATE OF REPORT <br />March 11, 2019 <br />PLANNING COMMISSION HEARING DATE <br />April 22, 2019 <br /> <br /> <br />I. APPLICANT'S REQUEST <br /> <br />The City of Lake Oswego is proposing to amend Chapter 50 (Community Development Code) <br />of the Lake Oswego Code for the purpose of allowing transient lodging, specifically allowing <br />a Short-Term Rental Lodging use in zones where transient lodging (Hotels) are not currently <br />allowed. The amendment also deletes “Bed & Breakfast” from Table 50.06.002-3. These <br />revisions are more fully described in Section III of this report. The draft code amendments, <br />which would enact these changes, are included in Attachment 2 to Exhibit A-1. <br /> <br />II. APPLICABLE REGULATIONS <br /> <br /> A. City of Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan <br />Community Culture – Civic Engagement, Policies 1, 2, 4 and 5 <br />Land Use Planning – Development, Policy A-1(b) and A-1(c) <br />Land Use Administration, Policy D-1 <br />Inspiring Spaces and Places – Goal 1, Policy 7 <br />Complete Neighborhoods and Housing, Policy B-1, B-4, and C-6 <br />Economic Vitality, Policy A-7 <br /> <br /> B. City of Lake Oswego Community Development Code <br /> LOC Legislative Decisions Defined <br /> LOC Required Notice to DLCD <br /> LOC Planning Commission Recommendation Required <br /> LOC City Council Review and Decision <br />EXHIBIT D-1 <br />LU 18-0034