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p tr MEMORANDUM <br /> 7,0 <br /> row <br /> °REGfl\-\ <br /> TO: Lake Oswego Planning Commission <br /> FROM: Johanna Hastay, AICP, Senior Planner <br /> SUBJECT: Annual Code Amendments -Work Session #1 (LU 19-0033) <br /> DATE: June 26, 2019 WORK SESSION DATE: July 8, 2019 <br /> On July 8, 2019, the Planning Commission (Commission) will conduct a work session for <br /> proposed amendments to the Community Development Code (CDC), Chapter 50 of the Lake <br /> Oswego Code. The purpose of the work session is for the Commission to become familiar with <br /> and provide initial input on a list of potential amendments. These amendments were primarily <br /> identified by staff through use and application of the Code. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> This report includes a bullet point list of the maintenance and policy amendments. The attached <br /> table summarizes the code amendments and identifies issues for the Commission's input. <br /> Maintenance Amendments (LOC Chapters 50.01, 50.04, 50.05, 50.06, 50.07, 50.08, and 50.10) <br /> Code Maintenance amendments are those that correct or add cross-references, clarify existing <br /> standards, or update requirements based on changes to other codes (e.g., Tree Code, Building <br /> Code, etc.). The maintenance items generally do not involve policy considerations and include <br /> the following: <br /> 1. Clarify Process for Replacing Certain Damaged Nonconforming Structures [LOC <br />] <br /> 2. Special Street Setback: Measuring Underlying Zone Setbacks [LOC] <br /> 3. Lake Grove Village Center (LGVC) — Dark Sky Lighting [LOC] <br /> 4. LGVC—Tree Retention for Park Streetfront Environment [LOC] <br /> 5. LGVC & FMU Parallel Parking Space Dimensional Error [LOC Figure 50.06.002.A] <br /> 6. Metro Code Reference/Street Connectivity Standards [LOC] <br /> 7. Retaining Wall Height Exemption for Access Lanes [LOC] <br /> 8. Lighting Standards Applicability [LOC] <br /> 9. Notice to Neighborhood & Property Owners of Neighborhood Meeting [LOC <br />] <br /> 10. Public Notice & Other Jurisdictions [LOC and LOC] <br /> 503.675.3984 380 A Avenue PO BOX 369 Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br />