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04�A Errk� <br /> CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING <br /> MINUTES <br /> May 21, 2019 <br /> OREGOr\ <br /> 1. CALL TO ORDER <br /> Mayor Studebaker called the regular City Council meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. on May <br /> 21, 2019, in the City Council Chambers, 380 A Avenue. <br /> 2. ROLL CALL <br /> Present: Mayor Studebaker and Councilors Wendland, Kohlhoff, Manz, O'Neill, <br /> LaMotte and Nguyen <br /> Staff Present: Scott Lazenby, City Manager; David Powell, City Attorney; Anne-Marie <br /> Simpson, City Recorder; Jessica Numanoglu, Planning Manager; Scot <br /> Siegel, Planning and Building Services Director; Crystal Shum, Project <br /> Manager; Erica Rooney, City Engineer; Madison Thesing, Management <br /> Analyst <br /> 3. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br /> Mayor Studebaker led the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance. <br /> 4. CITIZEN COMMENT <br /> • Tom Archer, 801 SW Atwater Rd, Lake Oswego <br /> Mr. Archer spoke to the safety on SW Atwater Rd, particularly at night. The hill has a steep <br /> slope and very little ambient light so drivers have difficulty seeing the edge of the road. He had <br /> assisted two drivers out of the swale and one needed to be towed out. The swale on both sides <br /> of the road showed damage from other mishaps. He had spoken to City staff who agreed that <br /> visual boundaries were needed, but they also said nothing could be done until after the start of <br /> the new budget year which began on July 1st, though some interim measure might be available <br /> such as reflectors or a minimum of striping. He preferred a long-term solution, but offered to <br /> install reflectors himself if the City provided the materials. Councilor Manz asked for the <br /> specific location of the portion of Atwater Rd he was referring to, noting that most of the road <br /> appeared to belong to the County. Mr. Archer noted the top, flat portion of the road was in the <br /> county, but at the crest of the hill, the south side was incorporated into the city. The road section <br /> of concern was long before the bend toward Iron Mountain, about 300 ft to 400 ft from the new <br /> road to the stop sign. Although there was a light at the Atwater Rd/Boca Raton Dr intersection, it <br /> was not visible from the top of the hill and did not provide sufficient light for driving. The lower <br /> City Council Regular Meeting Minutes Page 1 of 11 <br /> May 21, 2019 <br />