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MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Scot Siegel, Director of Planning and Building Services <br />CC: Lake Oswego City Council <br />Lake Oswego Planning Commission <br />FROM: David Powell, City Attorney <br />SUBJECT: HB 2001 and HB 2003 (2019) — Key Provisions <br />DATE: July 18, 2019 <br />This memorandum presents an overview of key provisions of two complex bills adopted by the <br />2019 Legislature: HB 2001 and HB 2003. It is for information purposes only. Staff analysis of <br />the bills and their effects will be presented at a study session anticipated to be scheduled for <br />this fall. <br />Each bill is awaiting the Governor's signature. <br />HOUSE BILL 2001 (2019) <br />Unless indicated otherwise, the summary lists requirements that apply to Lake Oswego and <br />other cities within the Metro boundaries that have populations greater than 1,000. Some <br />requirements may differ for smaller cities or cities outside the Metro area having their own <br />urban growth boundaries. <br />Middle Housing Defined. <br />HB 2001 defines "middle housing" as duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, cottage clusters, and <br />townhouses. The bill defines "cottage clusters" as groupings of no fewer than four detached <br />housing units per acre with a footprint of less than 900 square feet each and that include a <br />common courtyard. "Townhouses" are defined as dwelling units in a row of two or more <br />attached units, where each unit is on an individual lot or parcel and shares at least one common <br />wall with an adjacent unit. <br />503,675,3984 380 A Avenue PO BOX 369 Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br />