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t 0 CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br /> _ Sustainability Advisory Board Minutes <br /> V moor ❑ <br /> °?E o or- September 16, 2019 <br /> Call to Order/Roll Call <br /> Chair Paul Soper called the September 16, 2019 meeting of the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB)to <br /> order at 6:30 p.m. at the Main Fire Station Conference Room, Lake Oswego, Oregon. <br /> Members Present: Ella Feathers, Kathleen Wiens, Allison Kim, Stephanie Glazer, <br /> Richard Canaday, Paul Soper, Bob Sack,Annamarie Guenther, <br /> Mayor Studebaker <br /> Members Excused/Absent None <br /> Staff: Jenny Slepian, Sustainability and Management Analyst; Cyndie <br /> Glazer, LO Library <br /> Public: Duke Castle,Travis Outlaw, Gabi Kerkemo, Frederique (?) <br /> Announcements from Board and Staff <br /> Bob- EV Car Fair on Saturday; ODOT grant for Get There Challenge to promote the carpooling app Oct 7- <br /> 21; Frog Ferry community discussion this Thursday at 5 pm in St.Johns; City Council discussing a <br /> demolition fee/SDC at CC meeting tomorrow night.Would like to push for deconstruction as an <br /> alternative to paying full demolition fee. <br /> Kathleen-Tree Summit on October 5 <br /> Ella- Lakeridge working on getting Green Schools certification. LOHS got it last year. Helps to get grants <br /> for the school. <br /> Jenny-Appointed to a Metro committee; Community Clean Up Day on 9/21; Sustainability and Climate <br /> Action Plan study session on 11/19 and adoption in December; Looking at doing community screenings <br /> of plastics documentaries. <br /> Approval of Minutes <br /> The meeting minutes from the July meeting were unanimously approved. <br /> Public Comment <br /> Frederique is just here to see what a meeting is like. <br /> Regular Business <br /> A. Review Agenda <br /> Chair Paul Soper reviewed the meeting agenda. <br /> B. City Council Update <br /> Mayor Studebaker gave an update on recent Council business: <br /> • Looking at the demolition fee tomorrow night <br />