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<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />PARKS, RECREATION & NATURAL RESOURCES ADVISORY <br />BOARD <br />MINUTES <br />October 9, 2019 <br /> <br />Bill Gordon called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m., at the Maintenance Center. <br /> <br />Present: Co-Chair Bill Gordon, Co-Chair Heidi Schrimsher, Scott Bullard, Doug McKean, Rick <br />Gruen, Sandy Intraversato, Anne Ruybalid (left at 6:00), Youth Member Madeline <br />Champion (left at 4:45), Alternate Sarah Ellison, Alternate Christopher Duncan, John <br />LaMotte, Councilor (Representing Daniel Nguyen, Council Liaison) <br />Absent: Youth Member Anna Hovey, Natalie Bennon, Daniel Nguyen, Council Liaison, <br />Brittany Weiler, <br />Staff: Ivan Anderholm, Director of Parks & Recreation, Jan Wirtz, Recreation <br />Superintendent, Jeff Munro, Parks Superintendent, Megan Big John, Senior Crew <br />Leader/Parks & Natural Areas, Dina Balogh, Parks & Recreation Administrative <br />Assistant <br /> <br />Guests: <br /> Save Cooks Butte Palisades Neighbors; Michael Louaillier, Michael Gershon, Scott Handley, <br />Claire Puchy, Liz Lamade, William Norton plus over 35 guests. <br /> Foothills Pedestrian Bridge; MaryAnn Dougherty <br /> <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> The Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Advisory Board (PARKS Board) reviewed and <br />unanimously approved the minutes from September 18, 2019. Approved with slight <br />modification to 2019 Parks Board Goals – Review. <br /> <br />Citizen Comment: <br />Save Cooks Butte Coalition: <br />City Councilor, John LaMotte excused himself from the room when the Cooks Butte discussion began. <br />Over 35 residents were present for Citizen Comments to discuss the issue of a communication tower in <br />Cooks Butte Natural Park. Residents in attendance expressed their appreciation to Parks & Recreation <br />staff for their stewardship of City parks and open spaces. Guests in attendance told the Board they <br />oppose telecommunication towers, or structures of any kind in Lake Oswego parks and open spaces. <br />The Save Cooks Butte Coalition told the Board that a telecommunication tower was not compatible with <br />a natural park. To date, the coalition has over 500 signatures from residents in opposition to a <br />telecommunication tower in Cooks Butte Natural Park. <br />Guest, Claire Puchy questioned the Board how the tower can be consistent with the Cooks Butte Park <br />Management Plan. She stated that the park hosts a large number of bird species for an urban park. She <br />is concerned about the compliance with the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act during construction and <br />operation. <br />Guest, Scott Handley expressed to the Board that Lake Oswego parks and natural areas are enjoyed by <br />Lake Oswego residents on a daily basis to get away from the stresses of urban life. These parks are an <br />important habitat for our plants and animals; they are a place for us to connect with nature. Structures <br />and telecommunication facilities have no place in any of our natural parks, including Cooks Butte. The