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p E�tr MEMORANDUM <br /> wow C)) <br /> °REGflt� <br /> TO: Planning Commission/Commission for Citizen Involvement <br /> FROM: Scot Siegel, Planning and Building Services Director <br /> Erik Olson, Senior Planner <br /> SUBJECT: Planning Commission and Commission for Citizen Involvement Goals 2020-2021 <br /> Work Session #3 <br /> DATE: November 19, 2019 MEETING DATE: November 25, 2019 <br /> ACTION <br /> Provide direction on a list of Planning Commission/Commission for Citizen Involvement Goals. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> Staff requests the Commission confirm the list of goals to be presented at the Boards and <br /> Commissions Summit on December 5, and discussed with City Council in a joint study session on <br /> December 17. This memo provides a working list of goals (Attachment 1) and the public <br /> comments the City received during the comment period, November 1-15, 2019 (Attachment 2). <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The Commission held two work sessions for 2020 goalsetting, on October 14 and October 28, <br /> 2019, where it reviewed potential goals from staff, including goals that could be part of a two- <br /> year (2020-2021) work plan, received public input, and suggested additional goals. During the <br /> public review period, the City received two comments, which are contained in Attachment 2. <br /> 1. Mr. Michael Buck, Lake Grove Business Association (LGBA), requested revisions to the <br /> Lake Grove Village Center Overlay and West Lake Grove Design District to provide for <br /> consistent building design and streetscape furnishing requirements.The Commission <br /> received a staff presentation on this topic at the October 28 work session and requested <br /> the LGBA submit a written request and coordinate with the neighborhood associations. <br /> 2. Ms. Kim Beeler requested additional limitations be placed on development in natural <br /> areas and on storage of yard debris and scrap material/junk in residential yards. Staff <br /> has referred her to Code Enforcement for the debris/junk concern. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Provide direction on the Commission's proposed goals for 2020-2021, to be reviewed annually. <br /> 503.675.3984 380 A Avenue PO BOX 369 Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br />