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Effective Date: January 14, 2016 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2687 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE LAKE OSWEGO CITY COUNCIL AMENDING THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN <br />AND ZONING MAPS, THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN TEXT, THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br />CODE, AND RELATED CODE CROSS-REFERENCES, TO CREATE CHANGES TO THE NATURAL <br />RESOURCES PROGRAM AND SENSITIVE LANDS IMPLEMENTING REGULATIONS, AND <br />ADOPTING FINDINGS (LU 15-0019). <br />Whereas, during the Comprehensive Plan update of 2013 the City chose to defer updating the <br />Natural Resources (Goal 5) Chapter and associated chapters and sections, to coordinate Natural <br />Resource policy changes with revisions to Sensitive Lands regulations; <br />Whereas the City has prepared a new Natural .Resources chapter titled `Healthy Ecosystems/ <br />which updates and consolidates Comprehensive Plan provisions for Natural Resources, Urban <br />Forest and Vegetation, Open Spaces, Oswego Lake, Air Quality, and Willamette River Greenway; <br />Whereas the proposed Sensitive Lands Map contains corrected and updated Resource <br />Protection (RP) and Resource Conservation (RC) Districts using 2014 Lidar (Light Detection and <br />Ranging) aerial photography; <br />Whereas the proposal simplifies the regulatory requirements for properties in riparian areas by <br />consolidating two overlay districts (RC and RP) into one RP overlay; <br />Whereas the proposal provides greater certainty for property owners, by providing clear and <br />objective standards; <br />Whereas the proposed code amendments provide for an increased level of protection for RC <br />Districts on public and private open spaces; <br />Whereas the proposed code amendments maintain compliance with Metro Titles 3 and 13, <br />Statewide Planning Goals, and State Total Maximum Daily Load (water quality) standards; <br />Whereas the proposed code amendments are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, <br />including the proposed Healthy Ecosystems Chapter; and <br />Whereas the City invited and responded to public input on the proposed amendments through <br />an open and continuous public engagement process that included two public discussion drafts <br />of the proposal, eight Planning Commission public work sessions, and public hearings before <br />the Planning Commission and City Council; <br />The City of Lake Oswego ordains as follows: <br />Section 1. The Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan is amended to include a new Healthy <br />Ecosystems Chapter with goals, policies, and recommended action measures for Natural <br />Ordinance No 2687 <br />LU 15-0019 Page 1 of 3 <br />