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<br /> <br /> <br />For Immediate Release Contact: Martha Bennett, City Manager <br />March 16, 2020 503-635-0215 <br /> <br /> City Implements Additional Strategies to Help Slow <br />the Spread of COVID-19 <br /> <br />LAKE OSWEGO – In its continuing effort to slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus <br />(COVID-19) in Lake Oswego, the City has decided to move to online, telephone, and video <br />services at the Permit Center in the Building, Planning and Engineering Departments. We <br />recognize that this could be an inconvenience and did not make the decision lightly. <br /> <br />Effective immediately, and extending through April 14, 2020, the Permit Center is closed to <br />walk-in customers. To continue to offer service in all other areas, we encourage people to: <br />• Use electronic submittal or Email (as applicable) for all permit applications. <br />• Drop off plans at Reception (3rd floor) only if they cannot be sent electronically. <br />• Make an appointment if you need an in-person consultation with an engineer, planner <br />or plans examiner. <br />• All visitors must comply with social distancing. Anyone who is coughing, appears to have <br />a fever, or is having difficulty breathing will be asked to return at a later time. <br /> <br />Need help from a staff member? Lake Oswego’s Building, Planning, and Engineering staff are <br />available to assist permit customers via phone and email during regular Permit Center hours for <br />each department. Customers can also visit the following webpages for additional information <br />and updates: <br />• Lake Oswego Building Dept: or 503-635-0390 <br />• Lake Oswego Planning Dept: or 503-635-0290 <br />• Lake Oswego Engineering Dept: or 503-635-0270 <br /> <br />The changes in Permit Center services follows last week's announcement that the City would be <br />implementing strategies to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The timeline for these measures <br />has been extended and will now continue through April 14. Measures already in place include: <br />closing the Adult Community Center, canceling all Parks and Recreation programs/activities, <br />closing passport services, canceling all boards and commission meeting, restricting group <br />gatherings, modifying areas that are frequently used by the public to create distance between <br />people, etc. The Lake Oswego Public Library is also closed until at least April 1, 2020. To see a <br />full list of strategies, please visit <br /> <br />- more - <br />