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2019-2020 Neighborhood Enhancement Proposals and Review Committee Recommendations <br /> Committee <br /> Neighborhood Amount Committee Recommendation and Rationale <br /> Proposal Recommended <br /> Association Requested Amount Committee-identified process improvement for future consideration <br /> 1. Bryant NA Emergency $5,962 $5,962 Full funding, subiect to conditions.This request for materials to support neighborhood <br /> preparedness emergency preparedness meets the criteria of public benefit and neighborhood enhancement, <br /> supplies has support from the NA and was approved by a review committee comprised of members of <br /> PrepLO. <br /> In order to ensure shared public access to these supplies, the committee recommends approval <br /> subject to a condition that information necessary to access the materials is shared with PrepLO, <br /> who will maintain a master list of access information for all emergency supplies granted <br /> through the NEP process.This will ensure that supplies remain accessible to neighborhood <br /> residents in the case that the Team Captains aren't available during an emergency. <br /> *Perform an audit of previous emergency preparedness grants to identify potential areas for <br /> improvement. Evaluate the degree to which previous emergency prep supplies granted through <br /> the NEP process have been accessible to members of the general public. <br /> 2. First Addition Emergency $2,000 $2,000 Partial funding, subiect to conditions.These proposals meet the criteria of public benefit and <br /> Neighbors- preparedness neighborhood enhancement, and both have received support from the NA. However, the full <br /> Forest Hills NA program amount was not granted because the combined amount requested for these two proposals <br /> planning and exceeds the$10,000 limit per NA. <br /> development <br /> The emergency preparedness proposal was reviewed and approved by a review committee <br /> Heritage elm $9,955 $8,000 comprised of members of PrepLO.The committee recommends funding the full $2,000 <br /> tree stump requested by the first application. <br /> bench projects <br /> The second application received from FAN-FH this year would fund a number of projects related <br /> TOTAL $11,955 $10,000 to a heritage elm tree that was recently removed on First Street near B Avenue. While the <br /> committee commends FAN-FH for spearheading efforts to adaptively re-use portions of the <br /> tree, only partial funding is recommended for this application ($8,000).This decision was made <br /> in part to ensure NEP funds are equitably distributed between neighborhoods,which are <br /> limited to$10,000 per NA.Additionally, Public Works staff expressed concerns about the scope <br /> of work proposed and clarified that cost estimates will need to be refined beyond the figures <br /> provided in the application.The committee did not recommend funding of the sidewalk <br /> improvements, as sidewalk repair/replacement does not meet the NEP criteria.The committee <br /> also did not recommend funding of the benches to be placed at Stafford Grove, due to concerns <br />