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2018-2019 Neighborhood Enhancement Proposals and Review Committee Recommendations <br />Neighborhood <br />Association Proposal Amount <br />Requested <br />Committee <br />Recommended <br />Amount <br />Committee Recommendation and Rationale <br />*Committee-identified process improvement for future consideration <br />1. First Addition <br />Neighbors-Forest <br />Hills NA <br />Catering and room costs for <br />annual meeting <br /> <br />Festive Fronts - gift certificates <br />and engraved medallion <br /> <br />Stafford Grove Park - <br />landscaping for front section of <br />park and basalt bench <br />$300 <br /> <br /> <br />$200 <br /> <br /> <br />$3,500 <br /> <br />$4,000 total <br />$4,000 <br />Full funding. The proposal meets the criteria of public benefit and <br />neighborhood enhancement. It has neighborhood support as <br />evidenced by participation in NA functions, prior Festive Front event, <br />and park dedication (on public land). The annual meeting cost is <br />within allowance for such events. <br /> <br />*Review the guidelines on: 1) grants for social gatherings, and 2) city <br />fees for meeting rooms when used for annual NA meetings. <br />2. Glenmorrie NA <br />Neighborhood Ivy Pull and <br />Gathering – Various locations <br />throughout neighborhood <br />$800 $800 <br />Full funding. The proposal meets the criteria of public benefit and <br />neighborhood enhancement, and has neighborhood support as <br />evidenced by citizen participation in prior NA ivy pulls. The $400 <br />expense for the gathering (food and refreshments) exceeds the <br />standard of $300 but is reasonable based on the expected number of <br />participants and volume of invasive plants to be removed. <br /> <br />*Clarify eligible expenses for volunteer work parties. <br />3. Hallinan <br />Heights NA <br />(Open Space); <br />co-sponsored <br />by McVey- <br />South Shore <br />NA, Old Town <br />NA, Glenmorrie <br />NA, Skylands <br />NA, Coalition <br />for Hallinan <br />Woods Nature <br />Park <br />Hallinan Woods Nature Park <br />Expansion – Private property <br />north of Hallinan Elementary at <br />Yates Street <br />$43,700 <br />(HHNA $10k; <br />McVey-South <br />Shore $10k; Old <br />Town Na $10k; <br />Glenmorrie NA <br />$9k; Skylands <br />NA $5k) <br />$0 <br />Not recommended. While the committee commends Hallinan <br />Heights NA for attempting to leverage public and private funds for <br />open space acquisition, it does not recommend using NEP funds for <br />major capital projects due to the small size of the NEP grant program <br />(equitable distribution of funds) and the program intent which is to <br />focus on existing public or quasi-public lands. Last year, the <br />committee recognized the need for alternative funding for public art <br />as part of the Boones Ferry Road (BFR) Project, because the City’s <br />Percent for Art Program does not apply to street, pathway or utility <br />construction (LOC Chapter 18). Therefore, the City Council approved <br />the jointly sponsored (Waluga, Lake Forest, Lake Grove) grant <br />application of $18,500 for art along BFR. Where NEP funds are used <br />in a park or natural area, examples of potentially eligible projects are: <br />trailhead/entrance improvements, landscaping, interpretative signs, <br />art, pathways, and similar neighborhood enhancements. <br />ATTACHMENT 1