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AGENDA <br /> o% s, Transportation Advisory Board Meeting <br /> oDate/Time: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 / 7:00 pm <br /> Location: Remotely via Webex <br /> oREG°N> For information, phone (503) 635-0270 <br /> Please note that City Hall is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All members of the <br /> Transportation Advisory Board are attending remotely via Webex. To attend the meeting, email <br /> cwaggenerc by noon Pacific time the day of the meeting to receive the Webex log-in <br /> information. <br /> The Board is taking these steps because of the need to limit in-person contact and promote social <br /> distancing. The pandemic is an emergency that threatens public health, safety, and welfare,which <br /> requires us to meet remotely by electronic communications. <br /> 1. ROLL CALL 2 min Waggener <br /> 2. CONSENT AGENDA 5 min Chair <br /> • September 9, 2020 meeting minutes <br /> 3. COUNCIL REPORT 5 min Kohlhoff <br /> 4. CITIZEN COMMENT 5 min/person Chair <br /> The purpose of citizen comment is to allow citizens to present information or raise an issue regarding <br /> items not on the agenda or regarding agenda items.A time limit of five minutes per individual shall apply. <br /> Citizen comment will not exceed thirty minutes in total. <br /> To speak during the meeting, email by noon Pacific time the day of the meeting <br /> to receive the Webex log-in information.Written comments can also be submitted by noon Pacific time <br /> the day of the meeting to be read out loud during the citizen comment period. <br /> 5. STAFF REPORTS <br /> LO Police Department Report 15 min Sgt. Weitman <br /> Establishing Railroad Quiet Zones 30 min Farley <br /> Achievements and Goals for Next Year 30 min Farley <br /> 6. ADJOURNMENT Chair <br /> Next Meeting Date:January 13, 2020 <br /> Theresa Bianco,Chair•Bill Jaursch,Vice-Chair•Vidya Kale,Board Member•Trevor Sleeman,Board Member•Amin Wahab,Board <br /> Member•Kasey Adler,Board Member•Drew Hagedorn,Board Member•Christopher Dettmer,Youth Member <br /> •Theresa Kohlhoff,Council Liaison <br />