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�� E O�� CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO <br /> Transportation Advisory Board Action Minutes <br /> V 00011P December 13, 2017 <br /> OREGON <br /> Call to order:7pm <br /> Attendance: <br /> Members present: Mike Peebles,Vice-Chair; Willard Chi; Vidya Kale; Howard <br /> Levine. <br /> Members excused/absent: Richard Nys, Chair;Tom Fahey; Roger Martin; Michael Murray, <br /> Youth Member. <br /> Council Liaison Present: Theresa Kohlhoff <br /> Guest(s): <br /> Staff: Lieutenant Treat; Erica Rooney, City Engineer; Cindy Waggener, <br /> Administrative Support. <br /> Elect Officers <br /> • Vidya Kale nominated Richard Nys as Chair and Mike Peebles as Vice Chair. Howard Levine <br /> seconded the nomination and it passed 4:0. <br /> Approve Meeting Minutes <br /> • Willard Chi moved to approve the Minutes of June 14, 2017 as drafted. Howard Levine seconded <br /> the motion and it passed 4:0. <br /> • Vidya Kale moved to approve the Minutes of October 11, 2017 as drafted. Willard Chi seconded the <br /> motion and it passed 4:0. <br /> Public Comment <br /> • Cheryl Uchida, Co-Chair, Waluga Neighborhood Association. Ms. Uchida shared handouts with <br /> photos and made a brief statement.The Waluga NA is unique: about a third is single-family <br /> residential, one third is commercial, and one third is high density residential. Growing vehicular <br /> traffic concerns and parking issues related to increasing commercial development have <br /> compromised pedestrian and bicycle safety. We are fortunate to have a City park, an <br /> elementary school, a grocery store, a post office, restaurants, and many smaller businesses. She <br /> noted that Richard Nys,TAB Chair, attended the April Waluga NA Board meeting and heard our <br /> concerns about CIP and TSP projects that have been unfunded for well over 10 years. We shared <br /> our 2018 traffic goals and action plans and introduced our traffic and police liaison, Dick,to Mr. <br /> Nys. She referenced a letter to TAB prepared in June 2017 and stated that the purpose tonight is <br /> to ask for agreement and support from TAB to earmark funding for at least one or two <br /> Transportation System Plan (TSP) projects: 1) Galewood/Quarry intersection (shown in the <br /> photos submitted; TSP 155); and 2)the Douglas Way pathway entrance (shown from Quarry Rd <br /> in the photos; noted as a pathway project in the TSP). She concluded that Waluga NA is asking <br /> TAB to support approval for full funding for these two projects and for TAB to take the request <br /> to the Citizen's Budget Committee in 2018. <br /> Transportation Advisory Board Action Minutes, December 13, 2017 Page 1 of 4 <br />