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CITY OF LAKE OSWEGO December 13, 2017 <br /> Library Advisory Board Library <br /> Present: Jessie Halligan, Mike Hostetler,Nancy Niland, Cliff Perigo <br /> Excused: Fred Baldwin, Lucas Brook, Ed Steinberg <br /> Staff Present: Bill Baars, Beverly Ross <br /> Others: John LaMotte, Council Liaison, Allison Arnold <br /> The Library Advisory Board meeting was called to order by Chair Jessie Halligan at 7:00 p.m. on <br /> December 13, 2017. <br /> 1. Call to Order and Roll Call <br /> 2. Introductions <br /> Allison Arnold introduced herself and said she wanted to attend a meeting as she is interested in applying <br /> for the LAB. Introductions were made around the room. <br /> 3. Minutes <br /> Nancy Niland made a motion, seconded by Mike Hostetler, to approve the minutes of the <br /> September 13, 2017 meeting, the October 11, 2017 meeting, and the November 8, 2017 meeting. The <br /> motion passed unanimously. <br /> 4. Public Comment <br /> None <br /> 5. Director's Report-Bill Baars <br /> • Baars has checked on what the City policy is regarding people sleeping on outside benches. The only <br /> restriction is that people cannot sleep on the benches overnight from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. <br /> • Staff from Beaverton Library visited today to see the AMH (Automated Materials Handling Machine). <br /> They have a machine at their library but do not have the feature that sorts the material onto carts. <br /> • On Saturday,November 18, the Library held an Open House celebrating the completion of the remodeling <br /> project. A lot of people came and there was great interest in getting a tour of the back room featuring the <br /> AMH. There were also stations on each floor highlighting various Library services. Most popular were <br /> Elephant and Piggy in the Children's Department and the Reference Department printing off copies from <br /> microfilm of the front page of the Oregonian on someone's birth date. Baars thanked Niland and Perigo <br /> for volunteering to help out that day. <br /> • Baars said the Library is working on a Strategic Plan. It is in the preliminary stages and he wants to <br /> involve the Library Managers and the Marketing/Innovation Committee as they work on a 5 year plan that <br /> would look at current services and how to implement visionary changes as we look towards the future. <br /> This would include long range facility changes. Baars would like to emphasize that the Library is <br /> considered by many to be a community center. Baars will ask the LAB for their input as the work moves <br /> forward on the Strategic Plan. <br /> 6. LO Reads Update-Bill Baars <br /> • There was a nice article in HelloLO about LO Reads. Baars shared a draft copy of the brochure with the <br /> events planned. The brochure will be mailed to every household in Lake Oswego. <br /> • Baars said his book group read Good Morning, Midnight, and it initiated a great discussion. <br /> • The LO Reads Art Show has been a part of the program since the beginning 12 years ago. Well recognized <br /> artists are invited to create their interpretations after reading the book. In February the art is on display at <br />