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MEMORANDUM <br />TO: Mayor Kent Studebaker and Council members <br />CC: Scot Siegel, Director of Planning and Building Services <br />FROM: Planning Commission <br />SUBJECT: LU 18-0034 / Short Term Rentals <br />Non -Land Use Issues <br />DATE: May 13, 2019 <br />The Planning Commission conducted 6 work sessions and one public hearing on code <br />amendments for Short Term Rental Lodging (STR). Some issues were identified by the public or <br />Commission members that are outside of the Planning Commission's scope of review for land <br />use impacts, but rather relate to the business operation of Short Term Rentals or to <br />implementation of the code amendments. The Council may need an additional ordinance to <br />address code amendments related to STIR businesses outside of the Community Development <br />Code, LOC Ch. 50. <br />The Planning Commission discussed the potential applicability of short-term rental regulations <br />to the rental platforms, which are frequently the marketers and booking services of short-term <br />rentals. Because the proposal is for adoption of land use regulations, the regulations would <br />apply to users of land (property owners, tenants, etc.) not marketers; hence, the Community <br />Development Code standards would not apply to the short-term rental platforms. <br />This memorandum identifies those non -land use issues for the Council's concurrent <br />consideration of the Planning Commission's land use recommendations. If the City Council is <br />interested in one or more of these code changes, staff would prepare a separate ordinance that <br />the Council could then consider in a subsequent public hearing coinciding with final adoption of <br />the Community Development Code amendments: <br />1. Prior to issuance of business license, the applicant shall notify neighbors of the short- <br />term rental as a courtesy. This would require mail to owners of adjacent properties, or <br />surrounding properties within a specified radius (e.g., 100-300 ft., if required by City <br />Council). (Amend LOC Ch. 20 Licenses) <br />503.675.3984 380 A Avenue PO BOX 369 Lake Oswego, ❑R 97034 <br />