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O�� F OJ' <br /> E NOTICE OF FINAL <br /> ° CITY COUNCIL DECISION <br /> OREGO� <br /> DATE OF NOTICE: JULY 19, 2019 <br /> File Number: Ordinance 2815 (LU 18-0034) <br /> Applicant: City of Lake Oswego <br /> Description and Date of Final Decision: <br /> On July 16, 2019 the City Council made its final decision to enact Ordinance 2815 (LU 18-0034), <br /> amending the Community Development Code to allow short-term rental housing as a home occupation <br /> in residential zones that do not allow hotel uses.The City Council approved the ordinance with the <br /> following modifications from the version recommend by the Planning Commission: <br /> • No limitation to 120 nights per calendar year; <br /> • No limitation to 25%of floor area <br /> • No requirement that not all bedrooms be rented <br /> • No off-street parking space requirement <br /> • No limitation to six guests <br /> The Code amendments also require that the person who owns the lot containing a short-term rental <br /> must also maintain their primary residence on the lot; however that person is not required to be present <br /> on the lot when the dwelling is rented.The Code amendments (with the exception of the repeal of"bed <br /> and breakfast" from the Parking Table) will be automatically repealed in two years. It will take an <br /> affirmative act by the City Council to continue these provisions beyond July 16, 2021. <br /> How to Obtain Further Information: <br /> The decision is available for review on the land use webpage for this case at <br /> (Under"Search" enter LU 18-0034, then press "Enter") A copy <br /> may be obtained at cost, at the following address: <br /> Anne-Marie Simpson, City Recorder <br /> City of Lake Oswego <br /> P.O. Box 369 <br /> 380 "A" Avenue <br /> Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br /> Phone: (503) 635-0215 <br /> 1 of 2 <br />