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8.1 <br /> ro,A 4 COUNCIL REPORT <br /> V �r 0 <br /> QREGD‘4 <br /> Subject: Refinement of Home Demolition Tax Ordinance Proposal <br /> Meeting Date: September 17, 2019 Staff Member: <br /> Scot Siegel, Planning and Building Services Director <br /> Department: Planning and Building Services <br /> Action Required Advisory Board/Commission Recommendation <br /> ❑ Motion ❑ Approval <br /> ❑ Public Hearing ❑ Denial <br /> ❑ Ordinance ❑ None Forwarded <br /> ❑ Resolution ❑X Sustainability Advisory Board and Historic <br /> Resources Advisory Board <br /> ❑ Information Only Comments: <br /> ❑X Council Direction None <br /> ❑ Consent Agenda <br /> Staff Recommendation: Provide direction for drafting a Home Demolition Tax ordinance. <br /> Recommended Language for Motion: NA <br /> Project/ Issue Relates To: <br /> ❑X Council Goals/Priorities ❑Adopted Master Plan(s) ❑Not Applicable <br /> ISSUE BEFORE COUNCIL <br /> Should the City adopt a home demolition tax to discourage demolition of single-family homes <br /> and raise funding for parks maintenance? <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> Staff is requesting direction on whether to proceed in drafting a demolition tax ordinance for <br /> possible City Council adoption this year. Members of the City Council and advisory boards have <br /> expressed interest in creating an incentive for preserving older, less expensive homes as <br /> opposed to demolition and replacement with larger, more expensive homes. If set high enough, <br /> 503.635.0215 380 A Avenue PO BOX 369 Lake Oswego, OR 97034 <br />