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Simpson, Anne-Marie <br /> From: <br /> Sent: Monday, September 16, 2019 9:50 AM <br /> To: Council Distribution <br /> Subject: Location of Parks and Recreation Center <br /> Council Members: <br /> Why is P&R planning a $17 million "Center" on Stafford Road with no mass transport available? This and a$3 million golf course redo for two <br /> thirds of the $30 million bond! <br /> Use the existing golf course building for administrative offices and the North Anchor Block for aerobics, gym, classroom space, etc. The <br /> building would be centrally located for all to enjoy with very easy access! Classes and other activities, right downtown close to restaurants etc. <br /> Recent outreach results can be seen on the city web site: <br /> // <br /> There were several comments concerning location. No one thinks putting the Rec Center on the edge of town is a good idea <br /> "... PLEASE put it in a central location,NOT at the Golf Course! ..." <br /> ... put classes where everyone can get to them. Not in a remote location." <br /> "The golf course with some improvements... works well for the community as is and has been called a gem by many. should not be changed to a <br /> nine-hole course. ...P&R Facility would be better placed in another location. ...not had one person I have talked with ... wants to change the golf <br /> course, so listen to the people who use the course." <br /> "If you do build a new recreation center please locate it in a central location so all residents can enjoy it,NOT by the golf course... ...when classes <br /> were at Palisades very few people attended; now that they are at the adult community center and Christ Church my classes are full; LOCATION, <br /> LOCATION, LOCATION" <br /> Spend our bond money wisely. Leave the golf course as is and put any Center in a central location not on the edge of town! <br /> Regards <br /> Darryl Boom <br /> 557 Evergreen Rd. <br /> Lake Oswego <br /> i <br />