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DRAFT: 10/31/19 <br /> Lake Oswego Planning Commission/Commission for Citizen Involvement <br /> Preliminary 2020 Goals <br /> The City of Lake Oswego Planning Commission/Commission for Citizen Involvement <br /> (Commission) invites the public to comment on its preliminary list of goals for 2020. <br /> The Commission will review and refine the goals in a work session on November 25, 2019, 6:30 <br /> p.m., where it will also accept public comment on the goals. Based on the Commission's work- <br /> in-progress, and the likelihood that some of this work will extend beyond 2020, completion of <br /> the goals will require a multiyear work plan. <br /> Please submit any comments to, or deliver to the <br /> Planning Department (City Hall, 380 A Avenue), by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 15, 2019. <br /> Preliminary Goals <br /> 1. Amend the Community Development Code for production of affordable housing. <br /> a. Provide input to the State during its rulemaking/model code development for <br /> implementation of House Bill 2001 (HB 2001), specifically the Middle Housing <br /> mandate. <br /> b. Evaluate the city's infrastructure capacity for an increase in residential density <br /> under HB 2001. <br /> c. Recommend affordable housing code incentives to City Council, pending Council <br /> direction on HB 2001. <br /> d. Work toward attaining compliance with HB 2001's Middle Housing requirements <br /> (due June 2022) <br /> Source:State Legislature; City Council and Planning Commission (PP 18-0008). For <br /> background, see City Attorney's Memo, dated July 18, 2019 on HB 2001. <br /> 2. Update the Citizen Involvement Guidelines for land use planning as recommended <br /> during the 2018 Guidelines review. <br /> a. Amend the Citizen Involvement Guidelines (2020) <br /> b. Update the requirements for pre-application conferences and neighborhood <br /> meetings (2020) <br /> c. Create a list of public meeting spaces (2020) <br /> d. Update the Neighborhood Resource Guide (2021) <br /> Source:Staff and NAs—continued from 2019 (PP 19-0006) <br /> 3. Complete updates to the Historic Preservation Code as recommended by the Historic <br /> Resources Advisory Board (HRAB). <br /> a. Incorporate the Secretary of Interior's Guidelines for historic preservation into <br /> the City code. <br /> Page 1 of 3 <br />