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The City is committed to… <br />• Ensuring everyone’s safety. <br />• Minimizing disruption to businesses, residents and <br />the traveling public as much as possible. We know this <br />construction will impact neighbors. <br />• Keeping the project area as tidy as a construction site <br />can reasonably be the City purchased the property <br />at Boones Ferry Road and W. Sunset Drive to minimize <br />trips and consolidate equipment and supplies. <br />• Providing timely communication about construction <br />impacts and progress, in the format that works best for <br />you – let us know how we can help. <br />COVERBACKBuilding a Better <br />Boones Ferry Road <br />Coming soon: a safer, more appealing Boones Ferry Road for all <br />A vibrant, welcoming commercial district <br />enriches life, both for the neighbors who <br />live here and the businesses that serve <br />them. In mid-2019, the transformation of <br />Boones Ferry Road is expected to begin: <br />• Full-width street improvements from <br />Madrona Street to the Oakridge Road/ <br />Reese Road intersection <br />• Three new tra ic signals, including <br />one at Lanewood Street, with a le - <br />turn lane from Boones Ferry Road <br />onto Lanewood <br />See inside for more details. <br />Learn more about the project at the <br />January 10, 2019, 6:30-8:30 p.m., <br />Lake Oswego Maintenance Center, <br />17601 Pilkington Road <br />Join us to see the street designs up close, meet the designers, <br />City sta and Project Advisory Committee members, ask <br />questions and learn more about the project. We’ll share <br />large maps, as well as sample images of the improvements at <br />various intersections and artistic elements. All materials <br />shared at the open house will be available on the project <br />website shortly a er the event. <br />Open House <br />Get project news online <br />Visit, where you <br />can also sign up for email updates. <br />Follow #boonesferryproject on Twitter, Instagram <br />and Facebook throughout construction. <br />Got questions? Please ask! <br />Email <br />Leave a message on the project hotline: <br />503-697-6573. <br />Project sta visiting businesses in spring 2018. <br />The project’s origins <br />The Lake Oswego City Council, in partnership with <br />involved citizens, business owners, and city sta , adopted <br />the Lake Grove Village Center Plan in 2008. In following <br />years, the City studied how to fund the plan and formed <br />the Lake Grove Village Center Urban Renewal District. <br />Throughout design, the Project Advisory Committee (PAC), <br />made up of citizens and area stakeholders, has worked <br />with the City’s design team to make recommendations <br />for the project. The City Council continues to support this <br />project. Our open house on January 10 will highlight some <br />of the attractive treatments you will see on Boones Ferry <br />Road at intersections and on sidewalks to encourage more <br />pedestrian activity. <br />If you own or operate a business <br />We’ve visited many of the businesses in the project area and <br />will drop by again before construction. We hope to meet you! <br />We want to keep you informed during construction and learn <br />about any special access or delivery needs, events, or other <br />unique circumstances you may have. <br />During construction, signage will help your customers <br />navigate the area and access driveways safely. If you have <br />questions or concerns, please contact us. We are here to <br />work with you. <br />Hiring a contractor in 2019 <br />The City of Lake Oswego will hire a contractor through a <br />competitive proposal method. A er the proposals are in <br />and a contractor is hired, the contractor will work with <br />us to schedule and coordinate construction plans. Before <br />construction begins, we’ll invite you to meet the contractor’s <br />sta and our project team who will help keep everyone <br />informed during construction. You may notice preparation <br />activities starting in late spring 2019, with construction <br />expected to gear up in the summer. <br />Schedules are subject to change. <br />What to expect during construction <br />Some lanes of Boones Ferry Road will be closed, tra ic <br />will be shi ed, and flaggers may direct tra ic at times. <br />There will be delays and disruption, but Boones Ferry Road <br />will remain open. You’ll see large trucks and equipment <br />coming and going. Some equipment or materials may <br />be stored within the public right-of-way when not in use. <br />You might feel vibration or hear noise during work hours, <br />including the familiar beeping of trucks and excavators <br />backing up. Back-up alarms are required under federal <br />regulations for safety. Due to the complexity of the project, <br />work will likely take place both day and night. <br />Stay informed 1. Landscaping <br />2. Crosswalk signals <br />3. Street lights <br />4. Street trees <br />5. Pedestrian refuge <br />6. Landscaped median <br />7. Crosswalk <br />8. Bike lane <br />9. Crosswalk signals <br />10. Landscaping <br />1 <br />2 <br />3 4 <br />5 <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />Winter 2018/2019 Newsletter <br />Sample rendering of new mid-block pedestrian crossing at Lake Grove Shopping Center