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Pathway Project List <br />December 12, 2018 Transportation Advisory Board Page 1 of 6 <br />Pathway Project Rank Cost Estimate <br />ADA Sidewalk Ramp Retrofit Program Fnd 510,000$ <br />Knaus Rd Pathway - Boones Ferry Rd to Goodall Rd (TSP 19)Fnd 175,000$ <br />Library to Adult Community Center Pathway (TSP 23)Fnd 312,000$ <br />Pathway/Bikeway Projects: Miscellaneous Fnd 375,000$ <br />Willamette Greenway Trail: Willamette Shore Line (Trolley) Trail (TSP 95)1 5,484,000$ <br />Kerr Pkwy (north) Pathway: PCC to Multnomah. Co line (TSP 73)2 1,929,000$ <br />Willamette River Greenway Trail: Foothills Park to Tryon Cove Park (TSP 87)3 1,411,000$ <br />Sunningdale Rd Sidewalks: Andrews Rd to 10th St (TSP 214)4 376,000$ <br />Willamette River Greenway Trail: <br />George Rogers Park to Riverbend Condos (TSP 86)5 364,000$ <br />Willamette Steps (TSP 137)6 2,520,000$ <br />Mercantile Dr Sidewalk: Hallmark to Boones Fry Rd. (TSP 25)7 315,000$ <br />Douglas Way Sidewalk: Quarry to Hallmark (TSP 41)8 540,000$ <br />McNary Parkway Pathway: Kerr Parkway to Churchill Downs (TSP 120)9 529,000$ <br />North Shore Pathway: Cabana Ln to Hwy 43 (TSP 220)10 1,287,000$ <br />Douglas Way Pathway Entrance 11 32,000$ <br />Evergreen Rd Pathway: 4th to 10th (TSP 45)12 206,000$ <br />Daniel Way Sidewalk: Kruse Woods Pl to Carman Dr (TSP 9)13 230,000$ <br />Knaus Rd Pathway: Boones Ferry Rd to Country Club Rd (TSP 19)14 5,169,000$ <br />Stafford Rd Pathway: Rosemont to Childs (TSP 96)16 2,743,000$ <br />River-to-River Trail (TSP 94)17 6,684,000$ <br />E Ave Pathway: 4th to 10th (TSP 10)18 627,000$ <br />Fernwood Dr: South Shore to Marjorie (TSP 11)19 1,021,000$ <br />Lakeview Blvd Pathway: Jean Rd to 65th Ave (TSP 75)20 667,000$ <br />Douglas Way Sidewalk: west of Hallmark (TSP 157)21 139,000$ <br />Lanewood St/Douglas Circle Sidewalk & Pathway: <br />Twin Fir to Boones Ferry Rd (TSP 21)22 373,000$ <br />Pilkington Rd Pathway: Pilkington Park/Dawn St to Childs Rd (TSP 90)23 105,000$ <br />Oak St Pathway: McVey to Palisades Terrace Dr (TSP 26)24 152,000$ <br />Twin Fir Rd Pathway: Upper Drive & Boones Ferry Rd (TSP 30)25 2,118,000$ <br />Westlake Dr Sidewalk: Kruse Way to Amberwood Circle (TSP 85)26 521,000$ <br />Childs Rd (east) Pathway: Stafford to 35th (TSP 97)27 3,978,000$ <br />LO-Tigard/Bridgeport-to-Milwaukie Trail Connection (TSP 145)28 1,626,000$ <br />10th Street Sidewalk: E Ave to G Ave (TSP 215)29 401,000$ <br />Goodall Rd Pathway: Knaus to Country Club (TSP 15)30 987,000$ <br />Lakeview Blvd Pathway: Summit Dr to Iron Mtn Blvd (TSP 20)31 1,840,000$ <br />Touchstone Rd Pathway: Kerr Parkway to Carman Drive (TSP 130)33 48,000$ <br />Lake Oswego to Tualatin Trail (TSP 144)34 2,956,000$ <br />Canyon Dr Neighborhood Pathway: Dellwood to South Shore (TSP 4)35 649,000$ <br />Kelok Pathway: South Shore to Bryant Rd (TSP 17)36 1,875,000$ <br />Washington Court Pathway: Queens Park Rd to Lake Forest Blvd (TSP 32)36 578,000$