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p�tA ��� PARKS, RECREATION & NATURAL RESOURCES ADVISORY BOARD <br /> 6- <br /> MINUTES <br /> December 13, 2017 <br /> OREGOr, <br /> Co-Chair Scott Bullard called the meeting to order at 4:00p.m. at Maintenance Center. <br /> Present: Co-Chair Scott Bullard, Co-Chair Bill Gordon,James Stupfel,Tom Widden, Heidi <br /> Schrimsher, Kimberlie Peeler, Brittany Weiler(arrived 4:10, left 5:55), Sabrina Safari, <br /> Youth Member, Brian Gullen,Alternate, Skip O'Neill Council Liaison (left 4:45), <br /> Absent: Charles Aubin, Kimberlie Peeler <br /> Staff: Ivan Anderholm, Director of Parks & Recreation,Jeff Munro, Park/Natural Area/Golf <br /> Maintenance Superintendent, and Dina Balogh, Parks& Recreation Administrative <br /> Assistant <br /> Guests: Sarah Ellison Coalition for Hallinan Woods Nature Park <br /> APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br /> The Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Advisory Board (PARKS Board) reviewed and unanimously <br /> approved the minutes from November 8, 2017. <br /> Citizen Comment: Sarah Ellison with the Hallinan Woods Nature Park Coalition told the board the group <br /> has earned $14,000 from fundraising efforts to purchase the Yates property. Four other neighborhoods <br /> are applying jointly for a grant. They will continue with the fundraising efforts to purchase the property. <br /> CITY COUNCIL UPDATE: <br /> • City Council will continue Golf Course plan in 2018. <br /> • City Council opted to maintain the short term rental/Airbnb ban. <br /> • Swimming pool discussion moved to December 19, 2017 City Council Meeting. <br /> • Finished 2017 with the Maintenance Center opening and ribbon cutting celebration. <br /> • Parks& Recreation new home discussions. <br /> • Development Review Commission (DRC)combining with the Planning Commission did not <br /> pass. DRC members were interviewed.There is a full board. <br /> • Kent Studebaker will be the Parks Board Liaison for 2018. <br /> REGULAR BUSINESS <br /> Golf Course Concept Plan informational Update: <br /> Ivan Anderholm - <br /> On July 18, 2017, the City Council conducted a study session on the future of the Municipal Golf Course. <br /> During the work session Council expressed a continued desire to provide a golf course for the public, <br /> and acknowledged the need for a permanent home for the Parks and Recreation Department.The <br /> Council directed staff to explore and report back on options for reconfiguring and improving the golf <br /> course, and building a permanent facility at the golf course for parks and recreation staff and programs. <br />