Conversations on Aging (VIEWS)

Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 1:00pm

Conversations on Aging (VIRTUAL)

VIEWS (Volunteers Involved for the Emotional Well-being of Seniors) offers FREE facilitated Discussion Groups on topics important to people 60 years and above. The conversations provide a forum for discussion as well as an opportunity to explore new possibilities and resources. Zoom links will be sent two days prior to class.

23716   1-2:30p             Thursday        1/20     
Learning from Grief and Loss - As we age, we experience losses of many types. Grief may become a more common experience. Your healing takes as long as it takes. Learn from others and yourself how to find your own unique path through grief.
23842   1-2:30p             Thursday        2/17    
Living Solo as a Senior - As we age some of us have family or friends who will provide care or support for us if needed, and some of us do not. Even if we have children, they may not be available or able to provide support. Discuss your feelings, experiences and concerns surrounding aging without family or social support. Share ideas about ways to strengthen your social and safety networks.
23843   1-2:30p             Thursday        3/17     
New Wisdom /Life Lessons - Many challenges frequently accompany aging and sometimes increased wisdom is part of the process. Join us for a Conversation about the wisdom you have developed over the years, and share with others what you have learned "the hard way."
23844   1-2:30p             Thursday        4/21     
Resilience: Bouncing Back - How well do you bounce back from adversity? Come talk with others about developing resilience in the face of stress and change.
23845   1-2:30p             Thursday        5/19     
Who Am I Now? - Our roles and responsibilities change throughout life, as we take on new roles and give up others.  Explore who you are at this point in your life and what brings meaning to your life. Join a group of your peers to discuss the pros and cons of these changes and to bring clarity to how you will define yourself during this stage of life.