Gourmet Living Series with Chef Stu

Join Chef Stu at the ACC and live a gourmet life with the skills he teaches you!

Here are some topics he has or will cover. If you are interested in his upcoming programs, please call the ACC at 503-635-3758 for a list of upcoming classes.

Gourmet Living: Apples

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but the right apple will have you eating more than one a day! Let Chef Stu introduce you to many of the wonderful varieties that are available today. He will discuss when they are in season, how to store apples, how to pair apples with other ingredients for a yummy snack, and how apples can be used to liven up your menu.

Gourmet Living: Honey

Do you know the difference between wildflower and forest honey? If you are making dessert, should you use clover honey? What is single source honey? Honey is an amazing item and today there are more flavors available than ever before. Let Chef Stu help you select and use honey to make your life sweeter.

Gourmet Living: Fall Fruits

Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean the end of fresh produce. Fall offers up some very hearty fruits. Come & enjoy fruit delicacies! Chef Stu will tempt your palette and inspire you to think of fall fruits in a different light. Class fee includes tasting.

Gourmet Living: Cooking for the Thanksgiving Holiday

You don’t have to slave for hours creating mountains of food this Thanksgiving season. Let Chef Stu give you great hints, helps and recipes to create marvelous and easy dishes for the Thanksgiving – including some ideas to create easy holiday meals for smaller celebrations. Note: This class does include a snack.