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Health & Wellness Chats

Health & Wellness

Monthly Health and Wellness programs of interest to the 50+ population are offered on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 10:00-11:30am.

Call 503-635-3758 for registration.

Health Chats will take a break in July and August. Join us in September.

September Health Chat

Healing Inflammation through detoxifying, Nourishing Foods & Herbs.                                                                     

Presenter Melissa Lovett, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist will focus on healing inflammation in its many forms throughout the body through holistic nutrition. In holistic nutrition, the focus is on the whole person while healing the body naturally and gently. In this class, you will learn which foods and herbs detoxify the major organs of the body, calm the tissues, aid in lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol, aid in digestion, improve energy and stamina and improve digestion and metabolism

Food may also be the cause of various inflammatory symptoms, so we will discuss which foods may be at the root of lethargy, depression, joint pain, and digestive issues. And, also when is the best time to detoxify and how to do that gently. September 27, 2017, 10-11:30am.

October Health Chat

What's in your Cart, In Your Fridge and on Your Plate-Is it Safe to Eat?                                              

A discussion of ways to control our nutrition intake through careful shopping and label reading, good food storage strategies, and management of our food budget.  Includes food safety and sanitation. October 25, 2017, 10-11:30am.