How Hormones Affect Mood, Weight, Libido & More

There is certainly no doubt that our hormones play a huge part throughout our lifetime. Hormones can also determine how at risk we are for certain health conditions. Come and learn from local medical expert, Dr. Malea MacOdrum of Providence Integrative Medicine, talk about how different hormones effect our mood, how they make our weight fluctuate and how they can also determine our desire for sex. 

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Dr. MacOdrum's Professional Statement

Dr. MacOdrum provides compassionate and comprehensive care to all of her patients. Dr. MacOdrum specializes in integrative oncology, supporting patients through all stages of treatment and beyond. In addition to working with cancer patients, Dr. MacOdrum sees a variety of other patients, including those with women's health conditions, digestive issues, acute and chronic pain, and general wellness. She has particular expertise in women’s health issues around fertility, post-partum recovery, and menopause. Dr. MacOdrum loves calling the Pacific Northwest home and is delighted to be raising her family in Portland. When she isn't seeing patients, she enjoys early morning rows on the Willamette, hiking, and spending quality time with her fun-loving husband and three inquisitive children.