How to Make Your Love Last

The pandemic has caused some older adults to retire earlier than planned and  has also caused a spike in divorce rates as well. In either case, we are certainly spending more time together than ever before and it is certainly causing many to reevaluate the state of their relationship, And even  the new phenomena known as the Grey Divorce. With the boomer generation living longer more active lives than ever before, and the stigma of divorce being lessened, is our expectations too high or unrealistic for our intimate partnerships? Today's guests will help us to understand why we go off track and how we can redefine our relationships.

Jackie Shannon-Hollis a writer and speaker, and the author of the memoir, “This Particular Happiness: A Childless Love Story.” She has a masters degree in social work and a background in counseling. Bill Hollis worked for twenty-five years as a firefighter with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. He also has a degree in counseling. After he left active duty, he worked as the Behavioral Health Specialist for the fire department for fifteen years, assisting front line workers in coping with traumatic incidents, as well as working with the organization on team building and conflict resolution. He is now retired. Bill and Jackie have been together for over 34 years and have forged a strong relationship by recognizing and celebrating their differences. They work together providing team building, communication skills training, and conflict resolution for first responder organizations. Throughout this time they have also provided coaching for couples on how to improve communication skills and how to cope with change. 

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Jackie Shannon Hollis, Author of "This Particular Happiness"