Information & Referral

The list below briefly describes basic outreach services offered by the Adult Community Center.

Please call 503-635-3758 for more information about these or other services.

Information and Referral provides information, explanations and referrals to community resources and services.

Emergency Services
The Client Services Coordinator connects people with community agencies which provide emergency in-home care, food, housing, and clothing.

Long-Term Care Options includes coordination with Clackamas County Social Services Division, Area Agency on Aging, which provides information, placement, and financial information on a variety of living arrangements. 

Medicare / Health Insurance Help uses a volunteer SHIBA (Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance) consultant to provide help with Medicare claims and appeals by appointment only. The volunteer can also clarify terminology and provisions of insurance policies owned or under consideration for purchase.

Problem Solving to help meeting and evaluating current and/or future needs, and assistance in resolving problems.

Protective Services helps link individuals to the proper authorities when they are no longer able to manage their own affairs or when they may be the victim of elder abuse (psychological, financial, or physical). 

Referrals are made to appropriate agencies on clients' behalf to meet their current or future needs. Follow-up assures that the requested services are being provided.