Original Poetry Contest Winners

Thanks to the 20 Lake Oswego Poets who participated in the Lake Oswego Community Center Garden Poetry Box Contest.

The Lake Oswego 50+ Advisory Board judged 41 poems and the winners are as follows (click link to read poem):

1st Place - Linda Morris - Bad Poem for a Good Friend 

2nd Place - Linda Hoard - We Are Made To Heal
                  - Terry Jordan - Carly, I Remember
3rd Place - Linda Morris - Just Another Four Letter Word
Each poem will be featured in the poetry box with a take-and-read format. See below for the schedule. 
  • March 22 - 31 Bad Poem for a Good Friend   
  • April 1 -7 We Are Made to Heal   
  • April 8 – 15 Carly, I Remember   
  • April 16 – 21 Just Another Four Letter Word
Please visit the Garden Poetry Box located at the Adult Community Center Garden. The box will always be full of poems for your enjoyment.