Senior Grocery Shopping

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 - 9:00am

This event repeats every month on the second Tuesday.

Join us 2x a month for an ACC bus ride to and from local grocery stores and other retailers. The bus is equipped with a lift for wheelchairs. Other riders should be able to board and depart the bus independently or with walking supports. Please inquire at ACC front desk (503) 635-3758.

6/4 WinCo/Walmart  
No credit cards at WinCo

6/18 Trader Joes 
Specialty Grocery

6/25 Fred Meyer 
Full service 1-stop shop

7/16 H-Mart & Bi-Mart  
Asian market/Bi-Mart card

7/30 Bauman Farms  
Farm fresh produce 

8/13 WinCo/Walmart 
No credit cards at WinCo 

8/27 Trader Joes 
Specialty grocery

9/7 LO Farmers Market 
Special Saturday Trip