Volunteer Serving Groups

The ACC in partnership with the Lake Oswego Meal Network, a fundraising board that helps support the cost of the program, offers a nutrition, homemade lunch served by a large group of dedicated volunteers. The lunch program could not operate without the assistance of the serving groups.

The following table is a list of our current volunteer serving groups.

Odd Months: Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov

Even Months: Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec

Monday Volunteer Groups

First Our Lady of the Lake
Second Our Saviors Lutheran Church - Odd Months
Fourth Newcomer's Welcome Club
Fifth Lake Grove Lion's Club


Wednesday Volunteer Groups


New Seasons


Lake Grove Garden Club (Odd Months)
Lake Oswego Rotary (Even Months)

Third United Methodist Church

Lake Oswego City Slickers

Fifth Our Lady of the Lake


 Friday Volunteer Serving Groups

First Lake Bible Church
Second Lake Oswego Rotary

Marge & Friends

Fourth Lake Oswego Fire Department & Silver Foxes
Fifth Lake Oswego Rotary