The Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership is an agreement between the cities of Lake Oswego and Tigard to share drinking water resources and costs. Both cities jointly own and operate a new, reliable water system that delivers high-quality drinking water from the Clackamas River to the communities of Lake Oswego and Tigard. Learn more...

Our drinking water treatment method is conventional filtration plus ozone. Learn more... Our water system is the most earthquake resilient in Oregon. Learn more... It isn't easy being green, but our water system is sustainable and energy efficient. Learn more...

Partnership Updates

Wednesday - October 10, 2018

Understand the Value of Your Water

Tap water is the most important thing in our lives. It provides public health protection, fire suppression, drives our economy and supports the quality of life we enjoy. Most Americans take water, and the systems that bring it to and from homes and businesses, for granted. We turn on the tap, and safe drinking water reliably comes out. We flush the toilet, and don’t have to think twice about where it goes.

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Monday - June 11, 2018

Drinking Water and Algal Toxins – Key Information for Lake Oswego and Tigard water customers

Recently, the City of Salem issued a drinking water advisory for cyanotoxins produced by blue-green algae that were detected at low levels in the City’s water. Media outlets have also released information stating that many utilities do not monitor for cyanobacteria or cyanotoxins because there is no current regulation for these contaminants. The Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership would like to share some key information with our customers on this topic.

No cyanotoxins have been detected in the City of Lake Oswego and Tigard Water Service Area’s drinking water. At this time, there are no major algae blooms reported in our water source, the Clackamas River.

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