Bonita Pump Station

Completed pump station
Completed pump station
Pre-schoolers break ground at the new site
Finished interior of the BPS
Installing new pumps
Variable frequency drives use less energy
Completed pump station

Facility Overview

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The City of Tigard has been a Lake Oswego water customer since the 1970s. The two communities have shared water for many years through a connection on Bonita Road in Tigard. A pump station receives water from the Lake Oswego-Tigard system and pumps it to reservoirs in Tigard. The Partnership constructed a new, larger pump station on Milton Court as part of the overall water system upgrade and expansion.

The Bonita pump station is a unique facility because it connects several local drinking water systems -- Lake Oswego, Portland and Washington County. The Oregon Department of Water Resources encourages water supply collaboration between communities because of the redundancies it provides. This system keeps Tigard protected in case the Clackamas River source is interrupted.

Did you know? Tigard's new water system’s storage reservoirs are all covered, meaning fewer opportunities for contaminants to enter the system.


A groundbreaking event was held on June 5, 2014 with Partnership and City staff, elected officials, crews and neighbors including pre-schoolers from the local Bonita Road Learning Tree.

Construction began in June 2014 and was completed in summer 2015.

Steps were taken to mitigate construction impacts on water facility neighbors and nearby businesses.

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