About the Project

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In 2008, after many years of work by community stakeholders, the Lake Grove Village Center Plan was adopted by the City Council and incorporated into City Code. In the following years, the City studied how to fund the plan and formed the Lake Grove Village Center Urban Renewal District.

The Plan defines implementation measures to achieve the community’s vision for a welcoming, comfortable town center.  The transformation of Boones Ferry Road to address infrastructure and amenity needs was a key element of the Plan.

Once the plan was in place, design work began. Throughout the design process, a Project Advisory Committee, made up of citizens and area stakeholders, has worked with the City’s design team to make recommendations for the project.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the Boones Ferry Road Improvement Project was to create a street that serves as the centerpiece of the Lake Grove area. The concept for the street imagined a safe, welcoming and convenient pedestrian and bicycle environment, where auto traffic is accommodated efficiently and safely, stormwater is treated naturally, and businesses’ needs are successfully met.

Project Details

The scope of the project included full width street improvements and reconstruction of Boones Ferry Road, from Madrona Street to the Oakridge Road/Reese Road intersection.

A new traffic signal with a pedestrian crossing was also installed at Lanewood Street, and Boones Ferry Road was widened to add a left-turn lane at the Lanewood intersection for southbound traffic.

Final Components

The project features:

  • Improved safety and efficiency for people walking, rolling, biking and driving, with wider ADA compliant sidewalks, new curb ramps, and 5-foot wide bike lanes on both sides of the street.
  • Constructed safer, easier business access, with new driveways; additional traffic signals at Madrona Street, McDonald’s driveway and Lanewood Street; landscaped medians with left-turn lane improvements and U-turn movements.
  • Improved roadway drainage and stormwater management to improve water quality – more than 40 stormwater planters have been installed in the project corridor, to help manage and treat stormwater runoff.
  • Improved sidewalk and crosswalk connections, with two new mid-block pedestrian crossings, expanded sidewalk areas, additional crossings at signalized intersections, highly visible striping and pedestrian street lighting.
  • Created an attractive and interesting streetscape, by undergrounding overhead utilities and incorporating interesting interpretative elements like coreten steel edging cutouts, embedded sidewalk poetry, stone clad walls, sidewalk benches, and artistic medallions.

By the numbers:

  • 9,000 feet of ADA compliant sidewalks

  • 56 accessible curb ramps

  • 23 crosswalks

  • 2 new mid-block crossings

  • 3 new signalized intersections

  • More than 1,000 cubic yards of concrete

  • 9 benches

  • 1 water fountain

  • 6 embedded sidewalk text inlays

  • 2 interpretive medallions

  • 7 interpretative metal edge cutouts

  • 6,600 linear feet of bike lanes

  • 13 new bike racks

  • 4,300 linear feet of water pipe

  • 14 fire hydrants

  • 44 manholes

  • 42 stormwater planters

  • 28 stormwater catch basins

  • 7,100 linear feet of stormwater pipe

  • 135 utility vaults

  • 56,000 linear feet of underground utility conduit

  • 48 street lights

  • 63 driveways installed

  • 5,500 linear feet of asphalt or ~1.05 mile

  • More than 6,000 shrubs, plants and trees

Project Map

Project Goals and Benefits

This project will:

  • Create a safe and welcoming street for pedestrians,
  • Support existing and future businesses on Boones Ferry by improving the public right-of-way and access to businesses,
  • Improve safety for cyclists traveling on Boones Ferry Road,
  • Improve stormwater management so that fewer pollutants find their way into the watershed,
  • Accommodate auto, truck and bus traffic safely and efficiently,
  • Define the character of Lake Grove through its design and streetscape enhancements.

Learn more about how the project was built by visiting the project updates page.

Coming your way: a safer, more appealing Boones Ferry Road for all