About the Project

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In 2008, after many years of work by community stakeholders, the   Lake Grove Village Center Plan was adopted by the City Council and incorporated into City Code. In following years, the City studied how to fund the plan and formed the Lake Grove Village Center Urban Renewal District.

The Plan defines implementation measures to achieve the community’s vision for a welcoming, comfortable town center.  The transformation of Boones Ferry Road to address infrastructure and amenity needs is a key element of the Plan.

Once the plan was in place, design work began. Throughout the design process, a Project Advisory Committee, made up of citizens and area stakeholders, has worked with the City’s design team to make recommendations for the project.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the Boones Ferry Road Improvement Project is to create a street that serves as the centerpiece of the Lake Grove area. The concept for the street imagines a safe, welcoming and convenient pedestrian and bicycle environment, where auto traffic is accommodated efficiently and safely, stormwater is treated naturally, and businesses’ needs are successfully met.

Project Details

Full width street improvements will take place on Boones Ferry Road from Madrona Street to the Oakridge Road/Reese Road intersection. A new traffic signal with a pedestrian crossing will also be installed at Lanewood Street, and Boones Ferry Road will be widened to add left-turn lanes at the Lanewood intersection.

The improvements will include:

  • New, safer sidewalks with street trees, lighting, street furniture and landscaping,
  • Three new signalized intersections with pedestrian crossings at Madrona Street, the McDonald’s driveway and Lanewood Street,
  • Two new mid-block pedestrian crosswalks,
  • Landscaped medians with left turn lane improvements,
  • New 5-foot wide bike lanes on both sides of the street,
  • Expanded sidewalk areas,
  • New stormwater treatment planters that improve water quality,
  • Overhead utilities relocated underground.

Project Map

Project Goals and Benefits

This project will:

  • Create a safe and welcoming street for pedestrians,
  • Support existing and future businesses on Boones Ferry by improving the public right-of-way and access to businesses,
  • Improve safety for cyclists traveling on Boones Ferry Road,
  • Improve stormwater management so that fewer pollutants find their way into the watershed,
  • Accommodate auto, truck and bus traffic safely and efficiently,
  • Define the character of Lake Grove through its design and streetscape enhancements.

Project Team

Crystal Shum – Project Lead

Crystal Shum is overseeing the entire project. She has worked as a transportation engineer for over 20 years. Fourteen of those years have been spent at the City of Lake Oswego where she has been the project manager on most of the city’s street projects. Prior to her role with the city, she worked in a construction unit with the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) on major highway projects before being assigned as lead on a design team. Crystal graduated in 1997 from Portland State University with a degree in Civil Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in Oregon and California. She also holds a degree in wildlife resources from West Virginia University.

Stacy Bluhm – Project Engineer

Stacy Bluhm is overseeing all elements of project design and providing input, review and approval of project drawings. Stacy has worked as a transportation engineer and project manager in the Portland area for over 25 years and has been a registered professional engineer since 1995. Prior to coming to work on the Boones Ferry Road Project for the City of Lake Oswego in 2015, Stacy was the City of Milwaukie’s lead for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project. Preceding that, she was the lead for the Portland Bureau of Transportation for other regionally significant projects like the South Waterfront Infrastructure Project and the Cascade Station/Airport Light Rail Project.

Katy Kerklaan – Citizen Information Specialist

Katy Kerklaan is coordinating and managing the public outreach and communications aspects of the project. Katy brings ten years of diverse experience to the project, having worked for both the private and public sectors in the Pacific Northwest and internationally on water, infrastructure, transportation, energy and mining projects. Prior to joining the City of Lake Oswego’s Engineering Department and the Boones Ferry Road Project team, Katy served as the Citizen Information Specialist for the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership Project for four years. This complex, multi-jurisdictional project involved constructing a $249 million dollar water system for the cities of Lake Oswego and Tigard. Before relocating to the US, Katy worked for Australia’s largest water utility, Sydney Water, as a community relations advisor on capital works projects.

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Coming your way: a safer, more appealing Boones Ferry Road for all