Check out the Latest Boones Ferry Road Conceptual Streetscape and Expanded Sidewalk Plans!

The proposed streetscape plan, superimposed over an aerial photograph of the area, illustrates the locations of street lights, stormwater planters, medians, landscaping, site furnishings and expanded sidewalk areas. The expanded sidewalk areas along Boone Ferry Road provide additional opportunities for public and private open spaces and help activate the sidewalk and provide pedestrian scale amenities along storefronts and the roadway.   These spaces will be accentuated through the use of special paving and materials.  It is envisioned that these areas could also provide space for art and special features that reflect the history of the area.

The Project Advisory Committee is excited to dive deeper into the details of the streetscape design. They will spend most of this year refining the design in anticipation of beginning construction in 2017.  The next PAC meeting will likely be in April.  The exact time and date of the meeting will be posted on this website in late March.

Click on these links for the streetscape and expanded sidewalk plans.