Boones Ferry Road Project Update

The right-of-way acquisition phase is progressing.  The City is acquiring right-of-way, permanent easements and two-year temporary construction easements from approximately 50 properties along Boones Ferry Road and its side streets.  These acquisitions are necessary in order to construct the project.

After years of studies and design work, the project is reaching the final stages of design. 95% plans are scheduled to be completed this fall.

In preparation for the next phases of pre-construction and construction, the City has hired a construction management firm. On Tuesday, September 5, Council awarded a contract to Otak, Inc. to begin the pre-construction phase of the project. Construction management teams provide the transition from design to construction, including developing traffic control and construction staging concepts, cost estimating evaluations, and preparation of contract documents. These key tasks will help minimize impacts of construction to businesses, citizens and traffic.

Otak, Inc. was formerly located in Lake Oswego on Boones Ferry Road.  The current staff is very familiar with the site, the roadway, and the construction challenges associated with this project.  Furthermore, they have extensive experience with ODOT-funded projects and are well trained in the administration aspects and requirements of state and federal funded projects.  The City and project team strongly believes they will provide excellent customer service and construction management for the project.

Later this year, a PAC meeting will be held, along with an open house for the public to view the design plans and talk about the project.

Construction is expected to begin in summer 2018.