Project Update

Business Visits

Throughout the spring and summer, project staff have been out visiting more than 150 businesses along the corridor and in the project area to share information, gather contact details and hear construction concerns. THANK YOU for taking the time to chat with us – we have enjoyed meeting you and look forward to keeping you informed as we continue through the next phases of the project. If we missed you, or you received one of our door hangers and would like to set up a time to talk in person, please contact us! We will also be conducting another round of business visits after we get a contractor on board, just before construction starts.

In addition, project staff have been regularly attending the Lake Grove Business Association meetings and look forward to continue partnering with the association to share information and support businesses throughout the project.

Review and Refinement of the Final Design

The design team submitted 95% plans to the project team in the spring. The City, project staff and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) have been busy reviewing and commenting on the plans for final refinement. Final plans are expected to be received later this summer.

Right-of-way acquisition is nearing completion. Once the 100% plans are submitted and the needed right-of-way is acquired, the City, project staff and ODOT will conduct a final review of the plans before the project goes out to bid for construction (expected later this fall).

Final PAC Meeting Held

With design essentially complete, the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) held its final meeting last month to review the streetscape elements and the art/history messaging to be incorporated into the final design.

PAC members pictured above, left-right: Lang Bates, Cheryl Uchida, Riccardo Spaccarelli, Trudy Corrigan, Mike Buck, Carolyn Krebs, Bruce Goldson, Debbie Siegel

The PAC has played an integral role in selecting streetscape and aesthetic features of the design. The PAC’s vision has been to make Boones Ferry Road a “great street” by creating a user-friendly, multi-modal gathering area that serves as the centerpiece of Lake Grove for the entire community. The improvements will enhance the streetscape, make the street safer and improve access to businesses and nearby residences.

Thank you, Boones Ferry Road Project Advisory Committee!

At the final  meeting, the PAC celebrated the milestone with a ceremonial cake cutting (below).

Open House

Later this fall, the project team and PAC will hold an open house to share the final designs with the community and discuss construction. Any boards, plans and graphics on display at the open house will also be available on our website. Stay tuned for an invitation.

Temporary Construction Staging Area

In June, City Council approved the purchase of six vacant parcels at the corner of W. Sunset Drive and Boones Ferry Road for use as a temporary staging area during construction of the project. A staging area is a location that is used for storage of construction related equipment, work trailers, vehicles and materials during construction of a large project or development. This site is advantageous to the project and will help minimize equipment and vehicles having to park on side-streets during the construction. More information about the use of the site will be sent to nearby residents and businesses shortly.


As is the nature with these projects, schedules change frequently. The earliest we anticipate construction to begin is the first quarter of 2019. Construction is expected to take at least two years to complete.

Contact Information

The project team has a new project email address: Please email us with any questions or concerns. A dedicated project phone line has also been established: 503-697-6573.

As we get closer to construction, we’ll also be sharing information via the City’s active social media accounts using the hashtag #boonesferryproject