Tree Removal Flagging

Now that the City is seeking contractors to build the project, the project team is preparing to apply for a tree removal application. Starting tomorrow, you may notice trees being flagged in the public right-of-way and on some private properties located along Boones Ferry Road, between West Sunset Drive and Douglas Way.

Unfortunately, for a project of this size, many trees will need to be removed to accommodate the street widening and improvements needed. However, the project team put forth a great effort in juggling all competing interests, to minimize tree removal and avoid impacts to trees in the corridor.

A total of 130 trees have been identified for removal as a result of the final design. This number is slightly less than what was presented at the January open house. Of those, 104 trees are greater than 6 inches in diameter and fall under a Type II Tree Removal Application: 74 are located in the public right-of-way and will be flagged in yellow ribbon; 30 are located on private property and will be flagged in orange ribbon. The remaining 26 trees are less than 6 inches in diameter, and while they are not required to be flagged as part of the application process, these trees will still be flagged in yellow and black polka dot ribbon. Four trees have been flagged with white and black polka dot ribbon – this indicates certain trees that may be impacted during construction, but the project team and contractor will do everything they can to save and protect them.

Mitigation measures include the planting of 170 new trees, and more than 80 trees will be preserved and protected in the corridor.

The project team will be preparing a comprehensive Tree Protection Plan that spells out what protective measures will need to be taken when the project is under construction.  Measures include a contractor tree protection meeting, tree protection fencing and signage, and identifying specific trees that will require monitoring by a certified arborist when work is occurring within critical root zones.

Once the tree removal application is finalized, signage will also be posted along the corridor (similar to the signs pictured herein) and a link to the application will be posted on the project webpage and the Planning Department’s website.

Please note – approved trees will not be removed until a contractor is on board later this spring.